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Pattern Release: the Deep Breaths Beanie

Hello Friends!

October is going to be so much fun because I have been busy with my hooks and have a few new patterns coming out this month!

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Straight Hooked Deep Breaths Beanie

Today, I am so thrilled to share my newest hat design with you- the Deep Breaths Beanie. This is the sister pattern to my Deep Breaths Scarf, which is available for free here on the Straight Hooked blog.

Sweet Potato 3 Crochet Cancer Challenge 2022

I designed the Deep Breaths Beanie as part of the 2022 Crochet Cancer Challenge hosted by my friend Christine at Sweet Potato 3. This is my 3rd year participating in this event, and I am so honored that each year I am able to celebrate my dad’s birthday with a new hat design. 

My father passed away from Glioblastoma 16 years ago, and every year my crochet friends are kind enough to let me have the October 5th slot for the Cancer Challenge to honor him.

Deep Breaths Scarf and Beanie Straight Hooked

This year, I decided to create a pair of patterns with the loved ones of cancer patients in mind. I think we can all agree that cancer sucks, but being left behind after watching someone suffer for months or years on end sucks a big fat one. This is my 4th design for the Cancer Challenge, and after having lost both of my parents to different cancers and muddling through the past decade without either one of them, I decided that those of us left behind deserve a little “yarn hug” too!

Now, that isn’t to say that a cancer patient wouldn’t use and appreciate a hat (or scarf) made from these patterns. But caring for a sick relative is very draining and as Dr. Christina Yang once said in Grey’s Anatomy, “Caretakers are the silent victims.” Dangit, we deserve a present too, and for someone to say, “I know how hard this is for you, and I see you.”

Straight Hooked Deep Breaths Scarf and Beanie

You can grab your copy of the Deep Breaths Beanie pattern below:

Like I mentioned, the Deep Breaths Scarf pattern is available for free on the Straight Hooked Blog, but if you prefer an ad-free experience, you can snag the Deep Breaths Bundle and get both the Deep Breaths Beanie and the Deep Breaths Scarf patterns for just $5.99.

Straight Hooked Deep Breaths Beanie Pattern Release

Sweet Potato 3 Crochet Cancer Challenge 2022

See my designs from past Crochet Cancer Challenges:

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2021 Cancer Challenge Grand Gentleman Hat

Thank you for supporting cancer patents and their loved ones with your pledge to make and donate hats this year! 

Until next time, 

Happy Hooking!


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