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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 9

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Patchwork Mystery CAL week Nine crochet squares

Week 9 is over already! This week’s square was so much fun, and not just the making of it. This square was a collaboration effort from 2 different designers! Isn’t it gorgeous?
This square is called Belle’s Enchanted Garden, and the name could not be more fitting. The center was designed by Marianne Hamill from Sunset Knots. You can find her HERE. The outside of the square was designed by Desiree Krahn from Tangerine Door Creations, and you can find her HERE.

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Nine crochet square StraightHooked
I just love the story of how this collaboration came together. Now, I dare you to tell me the exact row where this pattern changed hands. Unless you read the pattern, you wouldn’t know. These two talented ladies worked together seamlessly!

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Nine crochet square StraightHooked
I had another busy week, so I was only able to complete 2 squares again, and didn’t get them blocked yet. (This is why the edges are so wonky, and its embarrassing!) However, right before I went to bed, I noticed that the square for week 10 was posted a little early, so I got started on the first 6 rows before I called it a night. Fingers crossed that this week I get all 3 squares made, plus the 3 missing ones from previous weeks. AND I get them all blocked! That’s the goal, anyway. Stay tuned next week to see if I achieve it.
Until then, Happy Hooking!

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Nine crochet squares StraightHooked

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