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Pattern Release: the Floral Flair Handbag

Straight Hooked Floral Flair Handbag

Hello my friends!

I am so excited for today because not only do I have a brand new pattern for you, but I have also recently discovered a really fun app that allows me to create tutorial videos to help you complete your project!

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Straight Hooked Floral Flair Handbag Pattern Release

My newest pattern, the Floral Flair Handbag, incorporates a lot of different crochet techniques and I created several videos to help you learn these awesome tricks!

Malena Selfie Straight Hooked Floral Flair Handbag

Confession time: I had been using the same handbag since November of 2017. Not even kidding! I do own other handbags, but due to a combination of not loving any of them and pure laziness, I haven’t used any in literal years! My wonderful spouse has been recommending for quite some time that I just design a new purse, but I was really intimidated by the idea and kept dismissing it.

Straight Hooked Floral Flair Handbag Pattern Release

This year though, I have decided to step outside of my comfort zone as a designer and have finally made me a new handbag! I love it, and I moved all of my crap into it as soon as the last end was woven in. This bag has already snagged a bunch of compliments when we run errands together, and I know your Floral Flair handbag is going to do the same!

Floral Flair Handbag Straight Hooked

I used Shine Worsted from Knit Picks (courtesy of We Crochet) for my handbag, plus I repurposed a pillow case for my liner 😉

You can use my affiliate link to order some Shine Worsted for yourself!

Straight Hooked Floral Flair Handbag pillow case liner

Grab your copy of the Floral Flair Handbag pattern below, and be sure to check back here or visit my Rumble channel for stitch tutorials:

The Reverse Slip Stitch makes your slst invisible!
Crocheting in the 3rd loop makes for great texture!
The Standing Double Crochet technique eliminates the chain gap in your finished project!
Nobody will know where your round began or ended with this great trick!
This tutorial video will come in handy when you start the straps!

I really hope that you found these videos helpful. Please be sure to tell me in the comments what other tutorials you would like me to film!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


Malena Straight Hooked Floral Flair Handbag

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