Pattern Release: the Puppy Placemat

For my Pet Appreciation Month design, I originally planned to create a cute placemat in the shape of a dog bone.... that was a fail and a half! More than likely, I could have conquered this design if I had more time, but in true Malena fashion I failed to read the calendar properly and my deadline to submit the design to the Pet Appreciation Blog Hop was rapidly approaching by the time I sat down to start my design. Combine a tight deadline with a curious puppy who was pretty sure that I was making something neat for her and would NOT stop trying to remove the crochet hook from my hand with her sharp sharp teeth, and I resorted to designing something more simple that can easily be completed in just one day!

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Sweet Little Granny Square Baby Blanket- FREE Crochet Pattern

My friend Helen from Sunflower Cottage Crochet invited me to participate in the Preemie Crochet Challenge again this year, and of course I agreed! My niece was a micro-preemie born at 24 weeks gestation, so this event has a special place in my heart. (Plus I love designing baby things even though it really isn't in my normal niche of pattern designs!)

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Pattern Release: the Throwback Throw Blanket

My husband loves to watch Three's Company reruns, and has been asking me to make him a blanket to match Jack's apartment. I knew he was going to see his blanket! You can choose any colors you would like to make your own Throwback Throw Blanket. You'll want to make sure you have enough of one color to join all of your pieces with the Double Crochet Join method.

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Sweet Treats Blanket C2C CAL – Ice Cream Sundae Square FREE pattern

I'm so excited to share my design contribution to the Sweet Treats Blanket with you today. I created the Ice Cream Sundae square as the 7th pattern in this super fun project! A small piece of advice from me to you, though- weave in your ends as you complete each square! You can grab all 12 square patterns in the Sweet Treats CAL e-Book

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Pattern Release: the Bubbly Bobble Blanket

My Bubbly Bobble Blanket resides on the back of my couch-which-doubles-as-my-office-chair and has made many an appearance in Zoom meetings. This blanket uses bulky (5) weight yarn and a 6mm hook. It has easy to follow repeats which are the perfect balance to give you easy mindless project that won't get boring. The pattern contains full color tutorial photos for the special stitches used as well!

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Pattern Release: the Woven Winter Blanket

The Woven Winter Blanket is the perfect pattern to make yourself something cozy this winter. It is available by itself, or you can choose to purchase the Woven Winter Bundle which includes both the Woven Winter Blanket and the Woven Winter Pillow patterns at a discounted price vs. buying individually.

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Pattern Release: the Serenity Square

I am delighted to share my contribution to the Love and Joy Blanket CAL hosted by Bear Rye and Knottie Hooks. My square is called the Serenity Square, and is full of great texture and fun stitch combinations. I used several techniques that you may not already be familiar with, such as the reverse slip stitch, which is great for hiding your join before crocheting in the 3rd loop on the next round.

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