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Sweet Treats Blanket C2C CAL – Ice Cream Sundae Square FREE pattern

Straight Hooked Sweet Treats CAL Square 7 Ice Cream Sundae

Hello friends! I’m so excited to share my design contribution to the Sweet Treats Blanket with you today. I created the Ice Cream Sundae square as the 7th pattern in this super fun project!

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Sweet Treats CAL details

This is the first Crochet-a-Long project I have participated in as a designer and actually made the entire blanket, and I am so glad I did! I had a ton of fun working up each square, planning how to arrange them, and sewing them together. Here’s a progress photo I shot as I was working up the squares:

Straight Hooked Sweet Treats CAL progress photo

If you aren’t familiar with the Corner to Corner (C2C) method, check out this blog post with tutorial photos (and another free chart for a new project!)

The yarn I used for the Sweet Treats C2C Blanket  is Brava Worsted, graciously provided by WeCrochet. You can grab some for your project using my affiliate link, which won’t cost you any extra, but I may make a small commission which will help me keep this little blog running. Just click the image below:

A small piece of advice from me to you, though- weave in your ends as you complete each square! I did not follow my own sound advice, as I was trying to hurry so the blanket would be complete in time for the beginning of the event. I put the blanket in “time out” for a month, and have now decided to weave in those pesky ends. Not even exaggerating, I have spent 30 hours over the past few days sewing the ends and am about halfway done now. 

Once I finished the front of my blanket, I did my best to stage a nice photo and hide the ends I hadn’t yet sewn in. Leave it to my daughter to be the first one to point out that there is a dangling bit of yarn. Can you see it too? (It’s literally alllllll I can see in this photo!)

Straight Hooked Sweet Treats Blanket

If you never take another piece of advise from me for the rest of your life, please heed this advice and weave in your ends! (I thought I had taken a photo of the back of my blanket before I started securing the ends, and I was going to embarrass myself completely by showing that disaster to you in this post, but apparently I only dreamed I had taken a picture. Imagine the very worst yarn barf you’ve ever encountered, and then sewing every bit of it. Then multiply that by 10, and you can get the idea of what I have been dealing with!)

Sweet Treats Blanket eBook Straight Hooked affiliate

In case you didn’t already know, you can grab all 12 square patterns in both written and graph form, plus tips and tricks for C2C when you grab the Sweet Treats Blanket e-book! Click my affiliate link below to grab your copy- the price will be increasing in May 2022, so grab yours while you can at the lowest price ever:

Sweet Treats eBook Straight Hooked affiliate link

I have really enjoyed every bit of this project, including chatting with the other designers and getting to be closer “yarny friends” with each other. I know I’ve said it before, but I really mean it- my favorite thing about being a crochet designer is all of the friends I make around the world who share my love of crocheting! 

I know you will want to be friends with all of these awesome designers too- here is a list of everyone who has contributed to the Sweet Treats C2C Blanket CAL:

Sweet Treats CAL Participating Designers

I chose to design an Ice Cream Sundae for two main reasons:

1. Ice Cream is my “love language”

2. I frankly suck at drawing and this was the easiest idea I could come up with!

Straight Hooked Sweet Treats Square 7 Ice Cream Sundae

My daughter came over for a visit after I had finished working up my Ice Cream Sundae square and asked me why I didn’t make a Banana Split instead… I told her it was her fault for moving out! She has always been the gal I bounce ideas off of, and in her absence I asked my spouse for input… it just wasn’t the same, lol!

I know you’ve probably just been scrolling and not even reading everything I have typed so far because you’re aching to get your hands on this week’s chart and keep working on your blanket. (I hope that isn’t the case and I’m not just blabbering along talking to myself, but if it is the case, I get it!) Hang tight, we’re almost there!

If you’ve missed any of the previous squares, you can click the graphic below to visit Tasha from Stardust Gold Crochet’s main blog post. She’s got all the links to each designer’s square, plus all the details on purchasing the eBook if you’d rather not have to hop from blog to blog and wait a week in between squares:

Sweet Treats CAL

Sidenote: I first met Tasha when I was a participating crocheter of the Patchwork Mystery CAL a few years back. You can read about my blanket, as I posted about it each week back when I was a newbie crochet blogger and hadn’t yet dipped my toe into designing. Fair warning though- my old blog posts are pretty embarrassingly awkward! One day I will go through and at least update the photos so they match my current posts, but… that’s a lotta work!

Straight Hooked Sweet Treats CAL Square 7 Ice Cream Sundae

One more quick thing before I share the chart with you- Thank You for bearing with me and scrolling along! I know ads can be annoying, but they are a very important source of revenue for bloggers. Your very presence here creates a small amount of commission for me, even without you clicking an ad! It is literally pennies, but every penny counts, and helps me to be able to offer more free patterns. So seriously, thank you!

Here is the chart for the Ice Cream Sundae square:

Straight Hooked Ice Cream Sundae square

Personally, if I had been thinking ahead of time, I would have placed the chocolate in between the strawberry and vanilla just to break it up a little bit. The colors I used for my square were all Brava Worsted in the following colorways:

Cornflower (background)

Cobblestone Heather (dish)

Sienna (chocolate ice cream)

Cherry Speckle (strawberry ice cream)

Just Peachy Speckle (vanilla ice cream)

Red (cherry)

Grass (cherry stem)

White (highlights)

To save you from scrolling up, here’s another look at my completed square. (Mainly so you can see what I mean about putting the chocolate in the middle- in case you want to modify yours)

Straight Hooked Ice Cream Sundae square Sweet Treats CAL

You can download the chart when you join the Straight Hooked family and subscribe to the Straight Awesome newsletter. Just click the button below and enter your email address. The chart will arrive in a few minutes, right to your inbox. (And you’ll get a few extras from me over the next couple of weeks too!)

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Straight Hooked subscribe button Sweet Treats CAL square 7 chart

Or- you can grab the Sweet Treats eBook right now and get all 12 charts, plus written instructions for each square using my affiliate link:

Sweet Treats eBook Straight Hooked affiliate

 I seriously can’t wait to see how your Ice Cream Sundae square turns out! So far I am absolutely loving everyone’s squares and the colors you are choosing! 

Happy Hooking,


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