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Speedy Scarf- FREE Crochet Pattern

Hello friends, and Happy September!

I am so excited to share this quick pattern with you today. The Speedy Scarf uses just under 1 ball of Lion Brand Mandala yarn and a 6.5mm crochet hook.

Yes, you read that correctly- we are using DK (3 weight) yarn and a 6.5mm hook today! Why? Because we are going to use the Triple Stranding Technique for this project.

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Straight Hooked Speedy Scarf

If you’ve never used the Triple Stranding Technique, are you in for a treat today! I love this method to convert thin yarn into thicker yarn without needing to hold 3 skeins or partial skeins together. Check out my video tutorial below to learn the Triple Stranding Technique:

Okay, now that you have the Triple Stranding Technique down, let me share a little bit about the Speedy Scarf crochet pattern with you:

I designed this scarf as part of the Single Skein Stashbusting Design Challenge and was just a little bit behind on my deadline after having wasted an entire 3 day weekend frogging all of my joins on the Throwback Throw Blanket pattern. (You can read all about that epic disaster in the Throwback Throw Blanket Pattern Release post.)

Anyway, I needed to get this design done quickly and I had already dug through my stash and discovered that I had a ball of Lion Brand Mandala in the Wizard colorway which I thought would make a gorgeous multicolored scarf, but I just didn’t have the time to fuss with frogging and redesigning with 3 weight yarn and my favorite 5mm hook. So I thought about it, and realized that I could make it a thicker scarf perfect for winter and save myself time designing if I triple stranded this bad boy!

Did it still take me like 3 weeks to design it? Yes, yes it did. Was frogging a gigantic pain in the rear because of all that triple stranded action? No, and I’ll tell you why: frogging triple stranded yarn is super easy because you just pull out the single strand and it goes so nicely back into a ball- unlike trying to frog and re-ball 3 separate skeins of yarn, which I have also done.

The Speedy Scarf pattern is forever free here on the blog, but if you prefer an ad-free experience with color step-by-step photos, you can choose to purchase the PDF below. You will also be able to view the tutorial videos through the links in the PDF!

Straight Hooked Speedy Scarf Free Crochet pattern


680 yards DK (3) weight yarn. (I used just under 1 ball of Lion Brand Mandala in Wizard for my design sample)

6.5mm crochet hook

Finishing Needle

Stitch Markers (optional)


ch- chain

stsc- stacked single crochet

sc- single crochet

hdc- half double crochet

hdc3l- half double crochet in the 3rd loop

dc- double crochet

slst- slip stitch

sk- skip

st(s)- stitch(es)


7 dc x 3 rows = 2” square

Finished Size:

4” wide x 53” long


This pattern is written in US terms.

All chs are counted as a stitch.

Always work your sts into the ch sp rather than the ch itself unless otherwise specified. 

You will be triple stranding your DK yarn for this project.

Stitch tutorials are linked to Straight Hooked Crochet Tutorials on Rumble, or you can view them within the post below:

Straight Hooked Speedy Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern Instructions:

R1. Triple Strand your yarn, ch 12, stsc in ist ch from hook, dc 11 across ch, turn. (12)

R2. ch1, hdc 12, turn. (12)

R3. ch1, hdc3l 12, turn. (12)

R4. Repeat R3

R5. stsc, *ch1, sk 2 sts, dc, dc into 2nd skipped st*, repeat from *to* 2 more times, ch1, sk 1 st, dc, turn. (12)

R6-R117. Repeat R2-R5

R118-R120 R2-R4

R121. stsc, dc 11


Sc around, placing 2 sc in each dc row and 1 sc in each hdc row, 2sc in each corner, slst to 1st sc, finish off and weave in ends.

I hope to see photos of your finished Speedy Scarf soon! You can join in the fun Straight Hookin’ Crochet Community on Facebook or tag me on Instagram!

Be sure to come back and visit soon, because there are more pattern releases yet to come in 2022 and you’re going to love them!

Happy Hooking, 


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