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Pattern Release: the Windows and Walls Shawl

Hello, my friends!

I am so excited to not only share my newest pattern release with you today, but also the story behind it, so I hope you have a couple of minutes today.

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Straight Hooked Windows and Walls Shawl Pattern Release

The Windows and Walls Shawl was super fun to design, and I know you will have lots of fun making yours. The repeats are easy to remember, making this a great project to work on as you are being mindful, praying, or just watching your favorite movie.

As some of you already know, there have been quite a few changes in my household over the last couple of months. First, my daughter moved out on her own, and just as I was beginning to adjust to only seeing her for about an hour a week when she pops by to eat leftovers on her lunch break, our 15 year old doggy passed away. So now it is down to just myself, my husband and our 11 year old doggy. Most of the time, it is very quiet here. Fortunately, my husband and I are best friends, so we do a pretty good job of keeping one another entertained.

Straight Hooked Windows and Walls Shawl

As I was designing this new shawl, a song kept playing in my head. You may be familiar with it, if you have a love of Dan Fogelberg like I do. The song is called “Windows and Walls”, and the first time I had ever really listened to the lyrics was a few months after my mom had passed away. She spent the last 6 years of her life as a widow, and the lyrics of this song made me feel so bad for my mom and how alone she must have felt after my dad passed away. My daughter and I visited her a lot, but I know she was still very lonely without her best friend.

Anyway, I hadn’t listened to the song in a solid few years, but it just kept replaying in my brain over and over as I was creating this shawl design. I decided to reach out to Dan’s widow, Jean and tell her about my new design and offer to mail it out to her. She has not yet responded, but if/when she does, I will be sure to update the post- maybe if we are lucky, she will send me a picture of her wearing it!

Straight Hooked Windows and Walls Shawl

If you’d like to hear the song, you can check it out below. (Note: I don’t own the rights to the song or the video. I’m merely sharing it here.)

I think the lady in this song would have been much happier with some crochet therapy. She probably would have absolutely loved to make herself a Windows and Walls Shawl. 

I know that you will have a lot of fun making yours though. You will need worsted weight yarn in your favorite colorway and a 5.5mm crochet hook. You can get some fabulous yarn from WeCrochet using my affiliate link if you desire!

The Windows and Walls Shawl is the second Straight Hooked pattern featured in the Cancer Cozy Comforts blog hop.

You can get a copy of this pattern for 50% off using the code you will find in the Crochet Designer Community post on facebook.

Grab your copy of the Windows and Walls Shawl pattern below:

Straight Hooked Windows and Walls Shawl

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Until next time,
Happy Hooking!


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