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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 7

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Patchwork Mystery CAL week Seven squares crocheted

Okay, I gotta be honest here: this week’s square was my favorite so far. The fun part about this is that this week’s square, the Fairy Wing Flower square, was designed by Journey Chanel Designs, the mastermind behind the Patchwork Mystery CAL! You can find the pattern HERE.

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Seven crochet square
I love the fairy wing stitch, first of all. It seems so complicated at first, but is easy to remember the repeats, and looks so pretty when the round is complete.

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Seven crochet square
The square rounds look spectacular when finished, and also are easy to repeat for each round.

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Seven crochet square
What this means to me is that these squares are fun to make and work up quickly. This week, I made up for a bunch of 3rd squares from past weeks, and even blocked them!

StraightHooked letterboard hello summer Patchwork Mystery CAL squares crocheted
My picture last week of the growing pile of squares pointed out to me that I have made many squares with a black or grey border, but only a couple with a green or cream border. I made sure to lighten up the borders on my “catch up” squares, and will pay closer attention to how I arrange my colors on the next weeks’ squares so that I have a relatively even blend of colors when the final stitchery begins.

Only 4 more weeks left to go! Until next week, Happy Hooking!

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