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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 6

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Patchwork Mystery CAL week Six crochet squares

Its official, half of the patterns in the Patchwork Mystery Crochet-a-long have been released! I’m only slightly under halfway done, because I was originally planning to make 2 of each square, but now I’ve changed my mind and want to make 3 of each, so I’m just a few behind 🙂

This week’s square is the Garden Gate square by Tangerine Door Creations. If you want to make your own, you can find the pattern HERE
Patchwork Mystery CAL week Six crochet square
What I really enjoyed about this one was all of the varying textures. This is the first square that has had instructions turn to the work for some rows, which made sewing in the ends a little challenging, but totally worth it for the end result.
Patchwork Mystery CAL week six crochet square
On a funny side note, I was Instagram stalking Journey Chanel Designs, the mastermind behind this Crochet-a-long, and found that she was using almost the same color scheme as I am when she made her test squares!
Journey Chanel Designs Instagram post
I love how each square has been so different, but when they come together, they all compliment one another so well. Is it wrong that I’m a little sad that this big project is half over? Not only a little sad, but also I’m starting to get a little concerned about the mounting pile of squares… someone is going to have to meticulously sew each of those squares together, and this someone really doesn’t enjoy hand sewing. In fact, after every large project I’ve done that involved the sewing of pieces together, I have uttered the phrase, “never again”. Clearly, I am to never be taken seriously when I say that!

Patchwork Mystery CAL tower of squares

Well, I’m off to go work up a few more squares. Until next week, Happy Hooking!

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