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Ferris Wheel Yarn…. A Love Story

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Straight Hooked Ferris Wheel yarn balls stacked

(Please note: this is not a sponsored post. I just really think this yarn is fabulous.)

I picked up a ball of Ferris Wheel by Lion Brand on a whim, and boy was I in for a nice surprise! Just in its own balled-up existence, the colors are so eye-catching. (No wonder one of them just landed in my cart that day!)

StraightHooked scarves with Lion Brand Ferris Wheel

I was completely unprepared for what happened when I began to crochet with it, though. The stich definition is so refined. Then I noticed that the yarn wasn’t splitting at all. Could it be? I’d only ever seen a demonstration video from a company overseas who made “crochet yarn”. Did I stumble on to some right here in my home city? Yes, I believe I did.

You see, typical yarn is spun in an “s” twist, which apparently is optimal for knitting as the yarn twists with the knitter, making the stitches more defined. (I wouldn’t know; I do not knit.) As we crochet, the action of yarning over actually unwinds the yarn, which is why the yarn often splits. With crochet yarn, it is spun in a “z” twist, which means when we yarn over, we are tightening the yarn twist. Holy crap, y’all. What a huge difference this makes!

StraightHooked infinity scarf
Obviously, the next time I went to the store I had to ogle the Ferris Wheel, and of course a few of them felt my admiring glances and hopped on into my cart. One has already found her new life as a scarf, which I will be writing the pattern for and sharing on the blog later this month, hopefully.

Edit: As patterns are released that were designed using Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn, I will link them below.

So I guess that’s it. If you haven’t tried crocheting with Ferris Wheel yet, I highly recommend that you give it a whirl!
Until next time,
Happy Hooking!

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