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Pattern Release: the Velvet Twist Messy Bun Hat

Greetings friends, and Happy Thanksgiving!

So… this is kinda embarrassing. I actually published this pattern in 2019 but apparently I never wrote a blog post about it. Whoopsie! I guess now is as good of a time as any to introduce one of my very first crochet patterns to you now 🙂

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Straight Hooked Velvet Twist Messy Bun Hat pattern release

Remember 2019? My hubby and I always laugh because growing up, parents would always say, “it was a simpler time back then”, and the older we get and look back on the past, we often say that phrase. I think that globally, we can all agree that 2019 was, in fact, “a simpler time back then”.

2019 was when the velvet yarn craze came about, and all of us were loving the finger massage you get when crocheting with velvet yarn. I was obsessed with it, and bought pretty much every color Bernat had available. (Yes, I still have a giant tub full of velvet yarn. I’m gonna come up with new designs for it…. eventually!)

Straight Hooked Velvet Twist Messy Bun Hat

What I love about the Velvet Twist hat is that the velvet yarn makes it cozy, but the design has built in ventilation so your head won’t get too hot. The hat is worked from the bottom up and uses an elastic hair tie at the top to keep it snugly over your hairdo.

Grab your copy of the Velvet Twist Messy Bun Hat pattern below:

I hope you will join in the fun we are having in the Straight Hookin’ Crochet Community. We love seeing crochet projects and talking about yarn!

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