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Pattern Release: the Spiral Donut Cowl

Hello Friends!

Well… this is embarrassing. I released the Spiral Donut Cowl way back in 2020 but apparently never wrote a blog post introducing her to the world!

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Straight Hooked Spiral Donut Cowl pattern release

The Spiral Donut Cowl was so much fun to design, and it has become one of my favorite cold weather accessories! The cowl is constructed from post stitches in the round, then joined together to create a donut shape. 

Straight Hooked Malena in Spiral Donut Cowl

I always have trouble naming my designs, and when I brought this one to my hubby to ask for his “wisdom” in helping me name it (he always has a ridiculous suggestion that I would never consider using), he said, “That looks like one of those butt pillows for hemorrhoids. Why don’t you call it the Ass Pillow Scarf?”

Well, what is another name for those pillows? A donut. This is why I ask my spouse for his input, because even though he makes terrible suggestions, they do inspire me! 

Straight Hooked Spiral Donut Cowl

I made my Spiral Donut Cowl using one ball of Lion Brand Mandala Sparkle in the Aquarius colorway. I absolutely love the Mandala yarn, and you will find that I use it in many of my designs. The yarn is super easy to work with, and I have yet to find a colorway that I dislike! (No, Lion Brand does not pay me to recommend their yarn, but I wish they would because I’m over here just giving them free advertising on almost all of my crochet patterns!)

Straight Hooked Spiral Donut Cowl Lion Brand Mandala Sparkle Aquarius

You can grab a copy of the Spiral Donut Cowl pattern below:

Straight Hooked Spiral Donut Cowl crochet Pattern release

I cannot wait to see what colorway you choose to make your Spiral Donut Cowl. Will you consider joining the Straight Hookin’ Crochet Community on facebook so you can share photos of your crochet projects with me and a whole bunch of my crochet loving friends?

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  1. Tammy Baker

    Neat design, I haven’t been here in a little while and noticed its very different. I like it better!

    1. Malena Straight

      Hi Tammy! Thank you so much; the new site was just launched in order to provide a better user experience!

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