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Pattern Release: the Serenity Square

Hello friends! Can you believe Christmas is in just a week already? I haven’t even purchased one gift yet, nor have I crocheted any gifts. I’ve been so busy with new crochet patterns that I let the Calendar get away from me this year!

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Straight Hooked Serenity Square

Today, I am delighted to share my contribution to the Love and Joy Blanket CAL hosted by Bear Rye and Knottie Hooks. My square is called the Serenity Square, and is full of great texture and fun stitch combinations.

Here are some of the squares that have been released earlier this month:

Love and Joy CAL Squares

If you’ve missed out on any of the other squares, or don’t want to have to remember to check every day for the next square, you can purchase the Love and Joy bundle and get each square’s PDF straight to your inbox! You can use my affiliate link to grab your copy here

Straight Hooked Serenity Square Love and Joy CAL

I had so much fun designing the Serenity Square. I used several techniques that you may not already be familiar with, such as the reverse slip stitch, which is great for hiding your join before crocheting in the 3rd loop on the next round. You can check out my Rumble channel for additional tutorial videos, but here are a couple for some of the techniques used in this square:

Reverse Slip Stitch:

Crocheting in the 3rd loop:

Straight Hooked Serenity Square

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