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Pattern Release: the Puppy Placemat

Hello friends!

Did you know that August is Pet Appreciation Month? My daughter and I have 2 patterns to release this month just for your furry friends!

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Today I am delighted to present the Puppy Placemat pattern. You probably know that I am a long-time small doggy Momma. I had a pack of 3 Shih Tzus for many years. Biscuit was my first puppy; he lived from 2006-2022 and was bossy and hilarious. Bonzai lived from 2007-2021 and was derpy and very loving. Lucy was our “baby dog” and lived from 2011-2023. She was our most well-behaved and kept us laughing every day.

Our nest emptied over the past 3 years, between our elderly doggies passing away and our daughter moving out on her own, and once Lucy passed it was just my spouse and I. Enter Ruby Sue the Shih Poo, our little ball of delight! (You can read more about Biscuit, Bonzai, Lucy and Ruby Sue in this blog post.) My daughter recently adopted a pair of male kitten littermates, and you will learn more about my grandkitties later this month!

For my Pet Appreciation Month design, I originally planned to create a cute placemat in the shape of a dog bone…. that was a fail and a half! More than likely, I could have conquered this design if I had more time, but in true Malena fashion I failed to read the calendar properly and my deadline to submit the design to the Pet Appreciation Blog Hop was rapidly approaching by the time I sat down to start my design. Combine a tight deadline with a curious puppy who was pretty sure that I was making something neat for her and would NOT stop trying to remove the crochet hook from my hand with her sharp sharp teeth, and I resorted to designing something more simple that can easily be completed in just one day!

I chose cotton yarn in a colorway that both matched Ruby’s kibble and our flooring. I purchased a cone of Sugar & Creme in the Milk Chocolate colorway and still have plenty left if I want to make a second one for rotating between washes- or maybe my grandkitties need a placemat?

You can grab your copy of the Puppy Placemat pattern below:

Today only (3/4/24, you can grab a copy of the Puppy Placemat pattern for free as part of the Pet Appreciation Blog Hop!

You will find the code in the main blog hop post:

I can’t wait to see your Puppy Placemats (and hopefully also photos of your pet(s) enjoying it. Will you consider joining the Straight Hookin’ Crochet Community on facebook to share your photos and make yarny friends with crocheters from around the world?

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Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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