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Pattern Release: the Diamond Drape Shawl

Hello my friend!

I can’t believe we are already nearing the end of October. This month has really flown by, hasn’t it? The good news for you is that this means it is finally time for my newest pattern release- the Diamond Drape Shawl!

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Straight Hooked Diamond Drape Shawl pattern release

As soon as I opened my package of City Tweed DK yarn from KnitPicks, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. This soft yarn was begging to be made into an ultra-wide shawl, with just enough ventilation to allow me to breathe but not become too chilly. This meant it was time to try my hand at designing something with the filet crochet technique. You can use my affiliate link to snag some City Tweed for yourself!

Straight Hooked Diamond Drapw WIP

You might be surprised to find out that while I do possess a talent for crochet designing, I can’t draw for crap. Like, not at all! But I do enjoy nonogram puzzles and have a nonogram game on my tablet that also allows you to create your own puzzle. I have utilized that app to map out how we would arrange our furniture when we moved to a new place, and now I have also discovered its handiness when trying to plan out a complex design for a crochet pattern! I spent about 2 hours trying to configure the design. At first, I wanted to do a leaf motif, but remember- I can’t draw for crap. Even with little pixels, my “leaves” looked like weird trees and I finally gave up and decided to just draw diamonds.

Straight Hooked Diamond Drape pattern release

I’m really glad it went this way, because now that my shawl is finished, I can’t imagine it looking better with any other design. To top it off, this pattern named itself which as you know is always a plus for me when I don’t have to spend weeks trying to name my latest pattern!

Straight Hooked Diamond Drape Shawl

My testers were amazing as always, and I just LOVE the different colorways they chose to make their Diamond Drape Shawls in. Check out a couple of the highlights:

Diamond Drape tester collage

The Diamond Drape Shawl is my 3rd featured pattern in the Fireside Comforts Blog Hop and Bundle Sale. If you’ve missed out on some of the gorgeous patterns featured this month, you still have a little bit of time to take advantage of the bundle sale. You can snag all 31 cozy patterns for just $12.00 using my affiliate link below.

Not a bundle person? No worries. The Diamond Drape Shawl is available for free download today (10/30/23) when you use the discount code you will find on the main blog hop.

You can snag the Diamond Drape Shawl below:

I also designed another rectangular shawl pattern using the filet crochet technique- the Tic Tac Toasty Shawl! The Tic Tac Toasty Shawl is not part of the Fireside Comforts Blog Hop, but if you love filet crochet and want a copy of the pattern, you can add it to your cart and use the code tictac50 to save 50% today!

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