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Pattern Release: the Brain Freeze Beanie

A very happy Friday to you, my friends! Can you believe we only have 2 more months of this crazy start to a new decade? This has been one long and challenging year, but I have been so productive creatively. Last year I published a total of 3 patterns. Three- over the course of the entire year. This year? Well, to date I have published 12, and I have one ready to publish next week, another in testing, and 2 more on the hook. And there are still 2 whole months to go this year! I really hope I can keep this momentum up into next year, because it turns out that I love designing patterns and even more than that, I really love seeing your photos of finished projects you’ve made from my patterns.

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Straight Hooked Ice Cap Beanie

Today’s pattern release is extra special though, because it is the second pattern I designed specifically for the Crochet Cancer Challenge. I was too excited to wait and I have already released the Ice Cap Beanie in honor of my momma who was always cold and battled Ovarian Cancer for the last decade of her life. She went through multiple rounds of chemo, lost and regrew her hair at least 3 separate times, lost her husband to Brain Cancer, and stayed positive through the whole experience. My mom was a true warrior, and I miss her every day. She has been with Jesus for almost 8 years, and I still want to call her at least once a week to tell her something stupid. The official color for Ovarian Cancer is teal, which my mom absolutely hated. She was super jealous that Breast Cancer got to have pink, which was her favorite color. My mom was a true fashionista, and in all honesty would have hated the hat I designed and not been a bit shy about telling me so. So to make up for the hat I know she wouldn’t have liked, I also designed the Ice Cap Fingerless Gloves and Ice Cap Headband (coming next week) patterns using her favorite color- PINK!

Straight Hooked Ice Cap Fingerless Gloves and Ice Cap Headband

Grab your copy of the Ice Cap Beanie below, or click HERE

And now for my newest pattern release- the Brain Freeze Beanie. I designed this one in honor of my Daddy, who was taken home to Jesus with the not-so-friendly assistance of Brain Cancer. My dad had a heck of a sweet tooth, and would never say “no” to a big bowl of ice cream, so I named his hat “Brain Freeze”. This is also a ladies’ hat pattern, (sorry, Dad!) because men’s heads intimidate me and my design style is just too feminine to actually make something for a dude. Believe me, I have tried many times (and I will keep trying), but everything I create just looks so girly! My dad was the funniest guy and I do not remember him without a big smile on his face. When he went under the knife for his first brain surgery, his biggest worry was that the surgery would turn him gay. After his surgery, his friends and relatives brought him purses as recovery gifts, which I found super offensive, but my dad found it hilarious. So in keeping with this tradition, here you go, Dad- a nice gay hat for you in honor of your Brain Cancer! (Sidenote- my mom would have LOVED this hat)

I miss both of them every day, even though we are closing in on a decade since my mom passed and a decade and a half for my dad. I miss my dad’s wisdom and amazing advice, and desperately wish I had been given more time as an adult to soak in all he had to offer. I miss arguing with my mom about literally everything. We had no idea we were even arguing; we thought we were just having conversations. It wasn’t until my daughter and I began to argue constantly and my husband pointed it out (we also were unaware we were arguing) that I realized what my dad was always complaining about when he would come home and say, “are you two still at it?” A strange tradition to carry on, I suppose, but the first time my husband complained that he was tired of hearing my daughter and I argue, I just started crying and laughing. My parents were great people- generous, loving, and fun. They were living examples of how to love your God, spouse and child, and I cannot wait to see them again one day in heaven.

Okay, so now that I’m just a *little bit* blurry eyed from sharing some memories, I will cut this post short. Don’t forget that the Ice Cap Headband pattern will be here next week, and I have more designs for the Ice Cap Collection that I will be sharing with you over the next couple of months.

Grab your copy of the Brain Freeze Beanie below, or click HERE

Thank you all so much for participating in the 2020 Cancer Challenge. Every hat you make and donate makes a difference in someone’s life. Cancer sucks, and the treatments suck even worse. The small gesture of being gifted a handmade hat will mean so much to the patient who receives it!

Until next week,

Happy Hooking!


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