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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 12

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Patchwork Mystery CAL week Twelve crocheted squares StraightHooked

Wow, the last pattern is here already. The past 12 weeks have really flown by somehow! Now the task of joining all 36 squares is at hand. (Why did I punish myself by making 3 of each square? Oh, yeah. Because they were so fun to make!)

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Twelve crocheted square StraightHooked
This week’s square is called the Jacob’s Ladder square by Jo’s Crafty Hook. Find her pattern HERE.

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Twelve crocheted square StraightHooked

I had to frog a couple of times at first because a) using the recommended hook size, this was the one square that turned out much bigger than all of the others. (My squares have all come out at 11″ after blocking, and this one was 12″ before blocking) And b) I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the pattern and skipped a whole section of cable. Once I fixed my gauge and attention to detail issues, the squares worked up quite quickly!

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Twelve crocheted square StraightHooked

I love how intricate finished square looks, even though the pattern itself is a series of 2 rows repeated. I even felt brave enough to make one square all black!

Patchwork Mystery CAL 36 completed squares StraightHooked
And now the joining process it at hand. I have spent weeks researching and trying to decide on the best method, and I’m quite honestly still stumped.

Patchwork Mystery CAL 36 squares joined StraightHooked

I tried slip stitching them together from the back, and I’m very thankful that I decided to spread it out to see my handiwork before I wove in the ends, because it looked way too busy! I have decided to add an additional border to each square now before I attempt to join them again. Stay tuned to see the big reveal!
Until next week, Happy Hooking!

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