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Patchwork Mystery CAL Completed

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I know the suspense has been building for weeks now, so without further hoopla, here is my finished blanket:
Patchwork Mystery CAL Finished Blanket Crocheted StraightHooked
My blanket is about 6.5 feet square, and I used a total of 18 skeins of yarn on this bad boy. I haven’t yet weighed it, but I estimate that it weighs somewhere around 7 pounds. I originally joined them with a slip stitch in the back, but once I turned it over and spread it out, my blanket looked way too busy with all of the different squares. Luckily, I hadn’t yet woven in all of the ends, so frogging was not the worst experience ever.

Patchwork Mystery CAL test join Straight Hooked

I decided to border each square with 2 rounds of double crochet, and I separated my squares so that there were at least one of each design with each border color. I decided to join them with single crochet in the front, and I alternated the green and white for the joins.

Patchwork Mystery CAL Finished Blanket on floor Straight Hooked

I bordered my blanket with hdc in the 3rd loop and a little razzle dazzle in the corners. All in all, I am absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out.

Patchwork Mystery CAL Razzle Dazzle Corner Straight Hooked Crochet
The materials I used for this project were:
Red Heart Super Saver in Aran (3 skeins)
Red Heart Super Saver in Black (4 skeins)
Red Heart Super Saver in Minty (3 skeins)
Red Heart Super Saver in Dusty Grey (4 skeins)
Susan Bates Silvalume Soft 5mm hook
Susan Bates Silvalume Soft 5.5mm hook
Susan Bates Silvalume Soft 6mm hook
Finishing Needle
Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers Straighthooked
I cannot stress enough how much I love using stitch markers. At one point, every single one of these was on my project, and I was hunting under the couch for more. They stay in your project, don’t snag, and are ridiculously cheap! (Sorry to digress. I just get so excited about my stitch markers, haha!)

Patchwork Mystery CAL Finished Blanket Artsy Shot Straight Hooked
As this project is brought to a close, I want to reiterate that I am a participant in the Crochet-a-long, and not one of the brilliant designers who created this project. That being said, I do not know if the patterns will remain available on each designers’ blogs, but for ease of access for anyone wanting to make a Patchwork Mystery blanket of their own, I am adding all of the links from the 12 weeks of designs below with a photo of my completed squares.

Week 1: Star Portal Square by Crochet Instinct 
Straight Hooked Star Portal Square
Week 2: Cornered Cable Square by Crochet Anything 

Straight Hooked Cornered Cable Square

Week 3: Twisted Times Square by Made With Love and Yarn 
Straight Hooked Twisted Times Square
Week 4: Lana Blossom Square by Sunset Knots 
Straight Hooked Lana Blossom Square
Week 5: Pasha Square by Shelby Sheas Stitches

Straight Hooked Pasha Square

Week 6: Garden Gate Square by Tangerine Door Creations 

Straight Hooked Garden Gate Square

Week 7: Fairy Wing Flower Square by Journey Chanel Designs

Straight Hooked Fairy Wing Flower Square

Week 8: Spring Pathways Square by CrochetALaDia 

Straight Hooked Spring Pathways Square

Week 9: Belle’s Enchanted Garden Square by Sunset Knots and Tangerine Door Creations 

Straight Hooked Belle's Enchanted Garden Square

Week 10: Rip Tides Square by Rich Textures Crochet 

Week 11: Phoenix Square by Stardust Gold Crochet 

Straight Hooked Phoenix Square

Week 12: Jacob’s Ladder Square by Jo’s Crafty Hook 

Straight Hooked Jacob's Ladder Square

Patchwork Mystery CAL Completed blanket Straight Hooked
I really hope you had nearly as much fun watching my progress of this blanket as I had making the blanket. What can you look forward to at Straight Hooked? Well, patterns, for one. I have several things in the works right now, and plan to release a new pattern each month. I also have a couple of commissioned items I am working on, and will probably share those once complete. A few fans have asked for some crocheting lessons, so keep an eye out for those as well.

Until next week, Happy Hooking!

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