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Hooked In: With Rows and Roses

Hello friends!

My apologies for not getting an edition of Hooked In published in May. The month got away from me, and evidently half of June did as well!

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I am so excited to introduce you to my guest today- Sati Glenn is the owner of Rows and Roses, and not only does she design crochet patterns, but she dyes her own yarn as well!

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Ravelry store

LYS website


How long have you been in business?

Rows & Roses has been in business since 2011, but Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber (the LYS) has been in business since 2020

How long have you been a crocheter?

12 years

What made you decide to take the leap and start hooking for money?

Haha, it was an accident! I tripped and fell into having a business. One of those snowball stories. I started crocheting woolies (cloth diaper covers) for my youngest. I would post them on facebook just to kinda show what I was learning. I was proud to be doing something new! People started asking for commissions, to the point that I decided to create a page/business name to keep everything separate from my personal account. They told their friends, who told THEIR friends. I started knitting, then spinning, and new people started pouring in. I formed a private group so we could chat and have real conversations more easily (Facebook pages just aren’t set up for community,) and everything just keeps building and building. I started designing patterns because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted most of the time, and then later opened a LYS. I’ve been dyeing for a few years now, too. We have our own house label of hand-dyed yarn and fiber, Rows & Roses Hand-dyed. I don’t know where this will end!

What inspires you?

Mostly seasons. I’m very seasonally driven. Beachy colorways and flowing tank tops in the summer, autumn leaves and warm fuzzy beanies in the fall… that sort of thing.

What is your biggest struggle with your crochet business?

Not enough time to do everything I want to do.

Why is crochet important to you?

It’s what I have for ME. I love being a mom, and a wife. I love my family and pets, and keeping my home. But Rows & Roses is mine. I built it, and am proud of it.

What is your signature design?

I don’t know that I have one? Maybe the Felici on the Double cowl. That one blew up and really surprised me!

What is your favorite yarn to work with?

Fingering weight, but the fiber content depends on the season. Right now, I’m loving Modal and Tencel, linen and bamboo. It’s spring!

What kind of hooks do you prefer?

Susan Bates Silvalume and Knit Picks wooden hooks are my favorites. I need inline, not tapered.

How are you changing the world with your crochet?

I’m not sure if I’m changing the world, but I know that in the LYS, we’re supporting the community. We do community projects, classes, stitch nights, CAL/KALs, charity stitching, and so much more

If you could do anything without the constraints of time and money, what would you do?

I would sit and crochet/knit/spin all day long <3

What is your favorite crocheting snack and beverage?

Coffee, for sure!

What are your hobbies? (Other than crocheting, of course!)

I love to cook and bake. I love to plant things, especially food, but right now we have a dog that digs up everything. I love music, both listening and playing. I’m a total metalhead, haha.

Where do you love to crochet?

Anywhere at all! I always have a project in my hands.

What do you like to watch (aka have on in the background) while you are crocheting?

I’m not big on TV. I’d rather listen to music.

Tell me about the exciting things you have coming up in your business:

We’re always dyeing something at the shop!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share more about you and your business, Sati! Your yarn is absolutely gorgeous and you know I am a sucker for hand-dyed yarn!

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Another edition of Hooked In is coming up later in June (you know, because I failed in May), plus there are 2 pattern releases coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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