Hooked In: With Elimee Designs

If you are unfamiliar with the Hooked In series, I introduced it a million years ago back in 2020, and have decided to revive the series this year. Each month, I interview a fellow crochet designer so you can get to know more about them and maybe find a new designer you love! Today, I am sitting down with Nichola from Elimee Designs.

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Hooked In: With Straight Hooked

It also occurred to me that after 4 years of being in business, I never really properly introduced myself to you. So, as a preview of what's coming in 2023, I am going to sit down for an interview with myself so you can get to know me (and Straight Hooked) a little bit better. (Is this weird? Its kinda weird, but we're gonna roll with it!)

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Hooked In: With Bliss This

m super excited about this month's edition of Hooked In. This month I have invited my friend Amber to share a bit about her and her business, Bliss This. Amber and I became friends through the Crochetpreneur Business Academy, and she is my CrocheTwin. We crack each other up because we always have the exact same comment (almost verbatim) in our online groups.

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Hooked In: With SASS

This week though, I am so excited to introduce you to my friend Angela from SASS! We met through the Crochetpreneur Business Academy and have been encouraging one another for over a year as we grow our businesses. I was totally shocked when she mentioned her grandbaby one day, because she so does not look old enough for grandkids! (I honestly thought she was younger than me for months into our friendship)

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Hooked In: With Emma Wilkinson Designs

I love the crochet business owner community; nobody is a competitor which is super strange in the business world. We all encourage one another and help each others' businesses grow through collaboration and encouragement. It always surprises me how we can all come together and celebrate each other's successes. And it is so much fun making new friends from all over the world! This month, I want to introduce you to my friend Emma, who is on the complete opposite side of the globe from me in Australia!

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