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Hooked In: With Jen Nipps Online

Hello my yarny friends, and a very happy Friday to you! This has been one crazy busy month here at Straight Hooked Headquarters. Last week I released TWO new patterns, and next week I will be releasing another! (Don’t start expecting this all the time, though. I design as I get inspired, and I have a feeling my inspiration is gonna dry up next month, hahaha!)

Today though, I want to introduce you to another one of my friends, Jen Nipps. Jen is a blogger, crocheter and designer, and such a sweet lady! I know you’re gonna enjoy getting to know her as much as I have. So I’ll stop rambling now and let Jen introduce herself!

Hello Jen, and Welcome to Straight Hooked! I’m so excited to learn more about you.

What is the name of your business, and where can we find you?

I was real original when I named my business. I just went with Jen Nipps Online. I do more than crochet and it covers everything even if it doesn’t sound all that unique. I’m on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram as either Jen Nipps or jennippsonline. My website/blog is

Jen Nipps photo

How long have you been in business?

With the crochet side of things, only three years.

What made you decide to take the leap and start hooking for money?

A few things. One, family and friends started wanting the things I was making. Then, I was crocheting so much that I decided I really should try to make some money with it. And third, I saw people online actually doing it. This was before I ever heard about any courses or communities around it, so I kind of flailed about for a while, but now I’m getting more consistent and more intentional.

How long have you been a crocheter?

12 years.

What inspires you?

 Good question. I’m most inspired by color, I think. Well… It’s probably more a tie between color and texture. I also take inspiration from the people around me, what’s going on outside, and the time of year.

What is your biggest struggle with your crochet business?

Putting myself out there. I’ve always been kind of a wallflower, so self-promotion is still pretty new to me.

What is unique about your business?

My mission, other than to make nice things for people to express their individuality and creativity through their wardrobe and accessories, is to make crochet accessible to everyone. I am legally blind. I’ve been told — either outright or implied — that it’s such a surprise that I can crochet because of my eyesight. It’s true that I do a lot by feel, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I want to make crochet accessible to everyone regardless of vision loss.

Tell me about a crochet nightmare:

Working with all black yarn in poor light. That’s only partly a joke.

Why is crochet important to you?

When I took my first crochet class twelve years ago, one of my cousins died. I made my first prayer shawl as the final project for that class. I gave it to his mother. Crochet helped me process my grief. Since then, it’s become a method of meditation, prayer, and even self-care. It has become central to just about everything I do.

What is your signature design?

I think that would be my Twisted Stitches Cowl. Since then, I’ve made a whole Twisted Stitches collection. The last of it will be released in November.

Straight Hooked Twisted Stitches Scarf Jen Nipps

What is your favorite yarn to work with?

Ooohh,Malabrigo! It was a dream to work with. I don’t think I will ever sell that shawl.

What kind of hooks do you prefer?

I have two kinds of favorite hooks. One is a custom-made interchangeable hook I bought from Twoplyfiberarts on Etsy. The other? Furls.

How are you changing the world with your crochet?

I am bringing color to the world. I am making crochet accessible to everyone, even those of us with low vision. I am encouraging people to express their creativity, if not in making things themselves then in their wardrobe and accessories.

If you could do anything without the constraints of time and money, what would it be?

I would go to Ireland and learn about some of their fiber arts traditions.

What is your favorite crocheting snack and beverage?

Ideally something without crumbs. I love cashews and M&Ms, sometimes together. My beverage of choice is usually either water or Diet Pepsi.

What are your hobbies? (Other than crocheting, of course!)

Reading, writing, pretty planning (using stickers and stamps to decorate my planner, but it still HAS to be functional), scrolling Instagram and YouTube.

Where do you love to crochet?

I will crochet anywhere. When I’m at home, my favorite spot is a recliner in the corner of the living room. I have a lamp behind me and the light shines over my shoulder and gives me good light.

What do you like to watch (aka have on in the background) while you are crocheting?

You’re gong to think I’m such a nerd. That’s OK. I am. I love Discovery, Science, and History channels. If Ancient Aliens is on, that’s what I’ll have it on. I also really like Secrets of the Underground, Expedition Unknown (with Josh Gates), Strange Evidence, and American Pickers. If none of them are on, I’ll look for NCIS reruns.

Tell me about the exciting things you have coming up in your business:

A couple days ago, I released my Twisted Stitches Fringed Scarf pattern. Coming up in November, I’m going to release the Twisted Stitches Headband/earwarmer. And then? On Black Friday, I’m going to release a Twisted Stitches pattern bundle. It will include the cowl, scarf, and headband, plus a bonus pattern for fingerless gloves that will not be available anywhere else except in that bundle. It will be available for a special price during the holiday season and go up to its regular price in January.

What else do you want people to know about you and your business?

In early 2021, look for a beginning crochet course available from me. It will probably be hosted on Udemy, which is the online education platform I’m most familiar with.

Thank you so much for sharing more about yourself with me and my friends!

If you want to get to know more about Jen, you can find her here:





Straight Hooked Hooked In with Jen Nipps

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That’s all of my news for now. Have a fabulous week, my yarny friends!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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