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Fabulous Fall Scarf- FREE Crochet Pattern

Greetings my friends!

This month has been so full of pattern releases, and there is another one coming next week but I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve been designing like crazy over here and I had to take a break just so I could share this new pattern with you.

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Straight Hooked Fabulous Fall Scarf

I have been playing with my stash of Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn recently and have designed several new patterns with it. I love the Ferris Wheel yarn because the colorways are gorgeous and the yarn is made specifically for crocheters as it is spun in a “Z” twist. This means that instead of your yarn untwisting itself a little with each stitch like most yarns which are spun in an “S” twist, this yarn actually spins itself a little bit tighter with each stitch, which makes for gorgeous stitch definition. 

Some of my other patterns I have designed using Ferris Wheel yarn are the Ferris Wheel Cowl, Wild Violets ScarfDeep Breaths Beanie and the Deep Breaths Scarf. (I will try to remember to update this post as I publish the rest of my new designs using this amazing yarn as well!)

Straight Hooked Fabulous Fall Scarf

I absolutely love the soft transitions of blue shades in this Full Moon colorway. I made this scarf as a gift for a friend, but she doesn’t even know I made it for her and I am already coveting her new scarf!

I hope you will share photos with me of your Fabulous Fall Scarf. I can’t wait to see what colorway you choose!

Straight Hooked Fabulous Fall Scarf

The Fabulous Fall scarf uses mainly basic stitches, with a couple of easy to learn stitches thrown in. You may be unfamiliar with the stacked single crochet method, but it is super easy once you get the hang of it and the end result is so much neater than using a turning chain to begin a row. Check out my video tutorial below:

Note: to do the tstsc, you will just add a 3rd single crochet to your stsc as shown in the video. Super simple, right?

If you prefer an ad-free experience, you can purchase the PDF pattern below:

The Fabulous Fall Scarf pattern is available as a Forever Free pattern right here on the Straight Hooked blog:

Straight Hooked Fabulous Fall Scarf free crochet pattern


5mm crochet hook

270 yards worsted weight yarn (I used 1 ball of Lion Brand Ferris Wheel in Full Moon for my design sample)

Stitch markers

Finishing needle


dc- double crochet

ch- chain

sc- single crochet

sp(s)- space(s)

stsc- stacked single crochet

tc- treble crochet

tc3tog- treble crochet 3 together

tstsc- triple stacked single crochet


 8dc x 5 rows= 2” square

Finished Size:

4.5” wide x 62” long after blocking

Pattern instructions:

R1. ch 17, sc in first ch from hook, sc in each ch across, turn. (17)

R2. tstsc, ch1, *tc3tog across next 3 sts, ch2*, repeat from *to* 3 more times, tc3tog across next 3 sts, ch1, tc, turn. (17)

R3. tstsc, ch1, *tc3tog scross ch sp, tc3tog below and ch sp, ch2*, repeat from *to* 3 more times, tc3tog across ch sp, tc3tog below and ch sp, ch1, tc, turn (17)

R4-R8. Repeat R3

R9. stsc, dc in ch1 sp, *dc in sc3tog , 2dc in ch2 sp*, repeat from *to* 3 more times, dc in sc3tog, dc in ch1 sp, dc in tstsc, turn (17) 

R10. stsc, dc 16, turn. (17)

R11-R13. Repeat R10

R14. Repeat R2

R15-R20. Repeat R3

R21. Repeat R9

R22-R25. Repeat R10

R26-R89. Repeat R11-R25

R90. Repeat R2.

R91-R95. Repeat R3, do not turn at last st of R95


ch1, sc in same st, sc around scarf, placing 3sc around tstsc and tc sts,and  2sc around stsc and dc sts on sides, 2sc in each corner, and 1sc in each st on ends. Join to first sc, finish off and weave ends.

Block your scarf for best results. 

Straight Hooked Fabulous Fall Scarf FREE crochet pattern

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Happy Hooking,


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