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Crochet All Day

Happy Friday, my friends! I am so excited to share this news with you today, because I have been keeping a super fun secret for 2 months now!

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My friend Angie had a client with a special commission request at the end of January, and while she was able to take on part of the project, she referred her client to me for some additional pieces. This client was making a commercial, and needed some very specific crocheted items. The timeframe was short, but my daughter and I took on the challenge!

Many of you know that I do not do amigurimi, but my daughter does and is an amazingly talented ami designer. Because she is young with a job and social life, therefore doesn’t live on the couch crocheting nonstop like her mother, she does not put out patterns as often, but I really hope she will treat you with another pattern soon! She freehands all of her creations, and (this isn’t just the Mom Goggles speaking) they are so detailed and wonderful!

Straight Hooked WIP Chuck E Cheese Crochet All Day Helen Hen Jasper T Jowls Mr Munch

So when we were approached about creating 4 custom characters within a week’s timeframe, the timing worked out perfectly. She just happened to be taking her vacation that week, so off to the yarn store I went, and of course things can’t just work perfectly in my world, so my tire blew out on my way home from the yarn store. Nice. Praise Jesus, He got me home safely and I didn’t have to walk home with a giant sack of yarn!

Straight Hooked got a flat tire

The client also asked for a custom made sweater, and I just happened to have an awesome sweater pattern from my friend Stephanie, so I gladly accepted the job! My daughter and I spent a delightful week on the couch together catching up all of the shows we like to watch together and crocheting. “Crochet All Day” was exactly the activity going on at Straight Hooked Headquarters!

Straight Hooked Chuck E Cheese Sweater Custom Made Crochet All Day
Straight Hooked Chuck E. Cheese Sweater

This is the exact sweater worn by Chuck E. Cheese himself in the Crochet All Day video!

Chuck E. Cheese Youtube Crochet All Day Straight Hooked Sweater
Straight Hooked amigurumi fail

We had some laughs, like my daughter’s first attempt at Helen’s head, and yeah, there was some cursing. My daughter hates doing the tiny detail work, so she asked me to make Mr.Munch’s “M”and teeth, Jasper’s belt buckle, and Pasqually’s mustache. I discovered that I really enjoy tiny crochet, so I might start adding some “little” projects into the mix sometimes! I also made Pasqually’s hat and hair, as well as Helen’s scrunchie and hair.

Straight Hooked Chuck E Cheese Commission project

These are the exact characters (Pasqually, Jasper T. Jowls, Mr. Munch and Helen Hen) shown in the Chuck E. Cheese video!

Chuck E. Cheese Youtube Crochet All Day Straight Hooked

This project was a HUGE labor of love from both of us, and I loved spending the week with my daughter crocheting and watching shows like we used to do all the time before she had too many birthdays and now has more interesting folk to be around than me.  The details in these dolls just blow my mind. Did you notice that Jasper has a belt? Not my brain child, just saying. My kid is freakin’ rad.

Straight Hooked Chuck E. Cheese commission project from back
Straight Hooked Jasper T. Jowls Chuck E. Cheese Crochet All Day
Straight Hooked Chuck E Cheese Crochet All Day Helen Hen
Straight Hooked Chuck E Cheese Pasqually Crochet All Day
Straight Hooked Chuck E Cheese Mr Munch Crochet All Day

So I have been waiting and waiting to be able to share our contributions to the Chuck E Cheese “Crochet All Day” video, and now I can! A big huge thank you to my friend Angie from Sassy A’s Specialty Shoppe (she made the flamingo, giraffe, elephants and something else but I can’t remember offhand) for recommending us, and a thank you to Stephanie from Chunky Hunky Creations for the Channelside Hoodie pattern I modified for Charles Entertainment Cheese (yep, that’s what the E stands for- look it up) to wear in the video. Check it out! Straight Hooked is on Chuck E. Cheese’s Youtube channel!

I’ll totally be singing the song in my head for weeks, how about you?

Well, that’s all my news for this week. I have 2 really exciting events coming up next month that I am super excited to share with you, so make sure you are subscribed to the Straight Awesome Newsletter so you are the first to know all about them!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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