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10 Crochet Patterns for Baby

Hi friends! Something about springtime always makes me think of new babies. Perhaps it is because my baby was born in March, or perhaps it goes back to my childhood and watching Bambi so many times- all of the animal babies came in the spring. Either way, the weather is warming up, we moved the clocks forward in the wee hours this morning, and spring is just about here- which means its time to think about crocheting some teeny things for teeny humans!

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My friends and I are offering a selection of 10 adorable baby crochet patterns that you can grab for just $2.00 each- with no discount code needed- from March 10 through March 22, 2024. I have linked all of the patterns below, plus a link to each designer so you can learn more about them and where to find more of their gorgeous designs!

Military Baby Sweater by My Fingers Fly

Adorable camouflage baby sweater designed to look like a camouflage combat uniform includes angled front pocket and pen pocket on the sleeve. First aid kit rattle pattern included. Pattern includes alphabet chart to add personalized name plate.

Find more from My Fingers Fly HERE

Sweet Snuggles Baby Blanket by Regina P Designs

This Sweet Snuggles Baby Blanket will keep your little one feeling cozy and warm. The simple to achieve texture and the vibrant colors will bring a cheerful look to any nursery. This design uses a couple easy stitches to create a neat texture. With its simple design, this blanket is easy to make and is great for a beginner crocheter.

Find more from Regina P Designs HERE

Icicle Dance Car Seat Blanket by VivaCrochet

This cosy and small sized blanket is just perfect to carry with you when you take your precious little bundle on a ride with you!

Find more from VivaCrochet HERE

Velvet Bunny Lovey by OVC Designs

The Velvet Bunny Lovey is a cute amigurumi granny stitch mash-up that is both snuggly and adorable for those little ones in your life!

Find more from OVC Designs HERE

Kenzie Blanket by Straight Hooked

The Kenzie Blanket can be made in either preemie or full-term size. It has great texture to stimulate developing brains and works up quickly.

Find more from Straight Hooked HERE

Jacob’s Ladder Kradle Blanket by Jo’s Crafty Hook

The Jacob’s Ladder Kradle Blanket is a Unisex Baby Blanket for newborns. The blanket is so easy to customize to make your right size.

Find more from Jo’s Crafty Hook HERE

Rolling Hills Baby Blanket by Crochets by Trista

The wonderful texture of the Rolling Hills Baby Blanket is stunning and add an extra detail to a simple baby blanket. The Rolling Hills Baby Blanekt is perfect to use on the floor when a soft surface for a nap isn’t available.

Find more from Crochets by Trista HERE

Ozzy the Octopus Lovey by Marsha Yarn Doodles

Ozzy the Octopus lovey has many arms to deliver a comforting hug to a little one. It can be made in most any weight yarn.

Find more from Marsha Yarn Doodles HERE

Little Lady by Pine Tree Crochet

Little Lady would make a cute gift for any new arrival.

Find more from Pine Tree Crochet HERE

Cable Cocoon and Hat by Canoe Mtn Designs

The perfect baby gift. Beautiful cable design that is cozy and warm. Wonderful unisex baby gift. Cocoon pattern is written in 3 sizes.

Find more from Canoe Mtn Designs HERE

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I have a gorgeous pattern I am getting ready to share with you later this month- and it will be available as a Forever Free pattern here at Straight Hooked. I can’t wait to show it to you!

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