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The Ultimate List of Spring Crochet Patterns Part 3

I don’t know about how things are going for you, but for me, this crazy year is really flying by! It’s already the middle of April, and it is getting HOT in my house this week. Not quite ready to start turning on the a/c, because apparently it is going to snow this weekend. Springtime, amirite? You have all been loving parts one and two of my big spring pattern roundup, and Part 3 is here today! I hinted that I might have a surprise in this one, and I do! My new design is back from testing and tech-editing, and it is ready for you. It is a paid pattern, but I am giving a FREE copy to the first 50 readers! Scroll down to find my pattern and the special discount code so you can grab your copy today.

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And now, Part Three of my big huge spring pattern roundup:

  Frost Petals Lace Poncho Kristen Holloway Designs Straight Hooked
1. Frost Petals Lace Poncho from Kirsten Holloway Designs (free)
This gorgeous pattern is graded in 4 sizes, so whether you are a small or a 5x, this will look fabulous on you!

Tela Triangle Shawl Stitching Together Straight Hooked
2. Tela Triangle Shawl from Stitching Together (free)

I love the look of this shawl, which was designed using Lion Brand’s Coboo Yarn. I haven’t had a chance to work with it yet personally, but I have given it a good fondle every time I’m at the store. I may have finally found an excuse to buy some!

3. Spiral Donut Cowl from Straight Hooked ($)

I used Lion Brand Mandala Sparkle, and suprisingly little of it. In fact, you need less than one ball to work up this gorgeous cowl. Like I mentioned above, I am giving away 50 FREE copies of the pattern. Just enter the code “roundup” at checkout!

Summer Love Vest Kristen Holloway Designs Straight Hooked
 4. Summer Love Vest from Kristin Omdahl (free)
This lightweight vest adds a stunning addition to your sundress or spruces up your plain jeans and tank top. This pattern uses fingering weight yarn, so you know it won’t be hot, and looks oh so delicate!

Game Day Shrug Marly Bird Straight Hooked
5. Game Day Shrug from Marly Bird (free)

This free pattern includes sizing from small to 3xl, and even has chart diagrams! Marly Bird has thought of everything on this one, and it looks oh so cozy!

Milan Summer Wrap The Country Willows Straight Hooked
6. Milan Summer Wrap from The Country Willows (free)

This gorgeous pattern uses a fine weight yarn, such as Premier Cotton Fair, and is the perfect way to keep out that spring chill. I love the drape of this one. If I weren’t so afraid to use a yarn less than 3 weight, I would definitely want to make this one!

Sheridan Ridge Slouchy Hat Through The Loop Yarn Craft Straight Hooked

 7. Sheridan Ridge Slouchy Hat from Through The Loop Yarn Craft (free)My friend Ashley has designed such a cute hat! It has the perfect texture for spring- not too hot, not too cold, and perfectly fashionable. This pattern uses worsted weight yarn, which means, if you’re anything like me, you have plenty on hand and can start this project right away!

Changing Course Cowl A Knotty Habit Straight Hooked

 8. Changing Course Cowl from A Knotty Habit ($)If you haven’t already seen or heard about this pattern, I am very surprised. It is so popular among my hooker friends! I have seen so many of my friends’ Changing Course Cowls lately, and they are all stunning!

Flowerette Scrunchies Handmade By Roeska Straight Hooked

9. Flowerette Scrunchies from Handmade By Roeska ($)Don’t forget that your hair needs a little touch of spring too! This pattern uses bulky yarn, so you can make a bunch of scrunchies quickly and adorn your head with a bright spring flower!

Picnic Clutch Sincerely Pam Straight Hooked

 10. Picnic Clutch from Sincerely Pam (free)This is the perfect little bag to take into the store with you, especially now with the you-know-what going on! I have been taking my wallet out of my purse and carrying it in a reusable grocery bag when I do my weekly shopping so my huge purse doesn’t need to be completely disinfected every week. I may have to make me one of these for my next trip, just so I can be a little bit cuter in my mask, gloves, head wrap and safety goggles. (I’m not even kidding. Maybe you’ll see a pic of me later on in this post!)

Walk My Way Bag A Knotty Habit Straight Hooked

11. Walk My Way Bag from A Knotty Habit ($)

Oooh, but this one is super cute too! Perfect for carrying more stuff than just your phone, wallet and keys. I love the texture on this one!

Crystal Cove Kimono Dragonfly Creations Straight Hooked 

12. Crystal Cove Kimono from Dragonfly Creations ($)I really think this is a stunning garment. Ruthie used Lion Brand Shawl in a cake to design this gorgeous kimono. You’ve gotta go check it out, because it looks so fabulous in the back too!

Peach Blossom Wrap Natali's Crochet Straight Hooked

13. Peach Blossom Wrap from Natali’s Crochet ($)I just love the design on this one. The pattern calls for sport weight cotton, which will make it just the right blend of cute and cozy. I love that it is extra long, because as an always-cold-even-when-it-is-90-degrees-outside kind of gal, I need something to really wrap up in!

Jamie Bag Creations Misfit Straight Hooked

 14. Jamie Bag from Creations Misfit ($)

The hooker in me looks at this bag, and immediately thinks “you could put your yarn in there!” I love the design and how the strap folds over the other to make your bag secure. I just may need to make me one of these!

Bobble Row Cowl Sweet Bee Crochet Straight Hooked

15. Bobble Row Cowl from Sweet Bee Crochet (free)

 I love the texture of this cowl, as well as the color choice. This one was made with Red Heart Super Saver Ombre, which is one of my favorite yarns. This pattern utilizes the bobble stitch and the herringbone half double crochet- 2 stitches that really make for some cozy texture and visual interest!

Summer of Love Tops Jo's Crafty Hook Straight Hooked

 16. Summer of Love Tops from Jo’s Crafty Hook ($)This fabulous tank uses Lion Brand Mandala, which I’m sure you know by now is one of my favorite yarns. The pattern is graded for sizes small-3x, so this is another one that will be just fabulous on almost everyone!

Topaz Skirt Bliss This Straight Hooked

 17. Topaz Skirt from Bliss This ($)

This fabulous design from my crochetmous friend Amber can be made to fit almost every girl. Seriously. The smallest size is 12 months, and the largest is for a tall woman! One day, many years down the road, I am going to surprise/annoy my daughter when I present her with matching skirts for my granddaughter and her to wear to a 3-generation photo shoot. And I’ll be wearing a Topaz skirt too! (The irritated look on her face is gonna be golden. I’ll probably ask the photographer to snap off a few just of her annoyed face!)

Wendy Fringe Clutch Creations Misfit Straight Hooked

 18. Wendy Fringe Clutch from Creations Misfit ($)

Oh, my. There is something about fringe that just makes things look so much more expensive and luxurious. This would be the perfect little bag for date night!

Flowers & Showers Pullover Two Brothers Blankets Straight Hooked

19. Flowers and Showers Pullover from Two Brothers Blankets ($)

I really just think the name of this cute sweater screams “spring”, but I also love the design on this one. Michelle has graded this pattern for sizes xs-xxl, and it just looks so comfy!

Twilight Shores Wrap No Hooks Given Straight Hooked

20. Twilight Shores Wrap from No Hooks Given ($)

I just love the waves on this one. You’ve simply gotta click the link and at least go ogle the other photos of this pattern. The design, the colors… it is just so beautiful!

Hope Whispers Prayer Shawl Ambassador Crochet Straight Hooked

21. Hope Whispers Prayer Shawl from Ambassador Crochet ($)

My friend Kristine says this is her favorite shawl design, and I can totally see why! It looks so cozy, and that border is so stunning! She is also a tech editor, so you know this pattern is written perfectly and ready for you to make your own!

Lettuce Wrap Crochets By Trista Straight Hooked

 22. Lettuce Wrap from Crochets By Trista ($)

This is another one that you simply must go check out the other photos of. My friend Trista designed this shawl earlier this year, and it is just so fabulous! I love the texture, the size, the color, and the name. Seriously. I can’t get enough of ogling the Lettuce Wrap!

Raspberry Croissant Shawl Yarnandy Straight Hooked

23. Raspberry Croissant Shawl from Yarnandy (free)

This one utilizes Scheepjes cotton yarn, which makes it perfectly lightweight for spring. And the design work? Oh, so gorgeous! Just because the name says raspberry doesn’t mean yours has to be pink. Just think of all the different color choices you could make!

Flower Face Scrubbies Made by Gootie Straight Hooked

24. Crochet Flower Face Scrubbies from Made by Gootie (free)

I just love these. Full disclosure, I have not yet made myself any face scrubbies, but I love the idea, and they are quite popular among women who don’t like throwing away those disposable cotton rounds or roughing up their faces with an abrasive washcloth. This is the first time I have seen a crocheted scrubby in a flower design, and I gotta say- I’m in love!

X's Coffee Beanie Cozy Sunflower Cottage Crochet Straight Hooked

25. X’s Coffee Beanie Cozy from Sunflower Cottage Crochet (free)

You know, coffee cozies aren’t just for keeping your hot coffee warm in the winter. They are also quite useful for helping keep your iced coffee cold! I love this design, as well as that happy yellow she chose. It screams “spring” to me!

I have 2 more surprises for you today:

1) I have EVEN MORE spring patterns to share with you, which means there will be a Part Four next week!

2) There is a KFC in our local Walmart with a life size statue of Colonel Sanders. Every time I am leaving the store, I want to take a selfie with The Colonel, but I always get shy because people will think I’m weird. Well, in Coronatimes, NOTHING is weird anymore, including suiting up in whatever protective gear you can find. The other day, I saw that someone had put a bandana on our dear Colonel, and I decided that this was the time for my selfie! Have a gander:

Malena and Colonel Sanders Coronavirus Selfie Straight Hooked

I hope this one gave you a little chuckle. It makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Until next week,

Happy Hooking!

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