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The Ultimate List of Spring Crochet Patterns Part 2- Easter Edition

Despite the fact that we are all stuck at home and it feels like the world has come to a dead stop, the trees are blooming, the ground is turning green, and spring IS here. Mother Nature is completely unaffected by the pandemic, and the calendar says Easter is on the way. This week, I have added in some great Easter patterns to the Ultimate List of Spring Crochet patterns, perfect for making as gifts or home decor.

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I keep reading posts online about how bored everyone is. I guess those people don’t have crochet in their lives. I have been so productive since the government said I shouldn’t go run my errands every day. I have designed a brand new pattern that is already in testing and should be coming out FREE on the blog very soon, and am in process of another design. Silver linings, people. Not everything has to be doom and gloom. Pop on those rose colored glasses, find a great pattern that will bring you some joy, and let’s get to hooking!

And now, I present to you Part 2- Easter Edition!

Fillable Easter Eggs Woodland Stitchcraft Straight Hooked

1. Fillable Easter Eggs from Woodland Stitchcraft (free)

These adorable eggs can be worked up very quickly, and will make a great addition to your Easter baskets!

Easter Egg Coasters Tales of Knots Straight Hooked

2. Easter Egg Coasters from Tales of Knots (free)

These gorgeous coasters will add the perfect pop of spring into your homes, and protect your tables from the beverages you are surely consuming during all of this downtime!

Jumbo Easter Egg SASS Straight Hooked

3. Jumbo Easter Egg from SASS ($)

I just love this new pattern from my friend Angie at SASS. Not only will it make the perfect Easter decor, but it makes for a great gift for someone- you know, when we can actually socialize again!

Chunky Bunny Basket Creations Misfit Straight Hooked

4. Chunky Bunny Basket from Creations Misfit ($)

If you, like myself, failed to plan weeks ahead for Easter and have exactly zero baskets to even put things into, then this pattern is for you. It is so adorable, and if you don’t have googly eyes on hand, you could embroider some cute eyes for your basket and still save Easter!

5. Poseable Bunny Ears Headband from Straight Hooked ($)

I know I’m a little biased here, but my beautiful daughter designed this pattern last year, and it is so fun! She formed wire and crocheted around it to make the ears bendable and poseable. Personally, I think this pattern is brilliant, but again, I got that Mom Goggle bias going on!

Drawstring Basket Sincerely Pam Straight Hooked

6. Drawstring Basket from Sincerely Pam (free)

Here’s another great idea for an Easter basket, so if you have multiple kids who hate having matching stuff, you can make this one as well. Bonus: you can pull the strings closed to hide what’s inside!

Kyra's Cuddly Comforter HandmadebyRoeska Straight Hooked

7. Kyra’s Cuddly Comforter from HandmadebyRoeska (free)

Got a little one celebrating their first or second Easter? This adorable lovey will be just perfect! You can change the ear and border colors for a custom look!

Bailey Booties CroChic Styles Straight Hooked

8. Bailey Booties from Crochic Styles ($)

I had the joy of testing Patty’s Santa Baby Booties pattern a few months back, and lemme just tell you- this lady can write a pattern! These Bailey Booties are so flipping cute, I hope one of my friends tells me they have a bun in the oven soon so I can make a pair!

Carrot Wall Hanging CCrochet Straight Hooked

9. Easter Carrot Wall Hanging from CCrochet Shoppe ($)

You can add a little happy to your neighborhood with this adorable door decoration, or, since you won’t be going in and out, you might want to make 2 so you can have one on both sides of the door!

Okay, we’ve got the kids and house covered for Easter now, aside from having to brave the store to get some candy and some of that fake grass you’ll be finding in your carpet for weeks to come. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any ideas for the hubbys. Spring crochet patterns just don’t scream “Man”. Maybe grab a DVD and a nice adult beverage or something. What about the moms though? We definitely deserve a little something nice, right? Well, as long as you’ve got yarn on hand, I have you covered with even more awesome Springtime patterns!

Spring Bloom Earrings Bliss This Straight Hooked

10. Spring Bloom Earrings from Bliss This ($)

 My friend Amber designs the most amazing crochet earring patterns! She also designs beautiful clothing for moms and daughters. I love these earrings, and they are so appropriately named, because they really do look like Spring Blooms!

Day Dreamer Earrings The Wool Flower Co Straight Hooked

11. The Day Dreamer Earrings from The Wool Flower Co ($)

Speaking of earrings, how cute are these ones? I can see why they are called Day Dreamer. They look like little dream catchers!

Spring Breeze Cowl Simply Hooked by Janet Straight Hooked

12. Spring Breeze Cowl from Simply Hooked by Janet (free)

This pattern requires 3 weight yarn and will be the perfect accessory for those spring days when the weather is just not quite warm enough. Also, I love the name of this one. It reminds me of something… 🙂

Marlys Chic Shoulder Wrap ACCRochet Straight Hooked
13. Marly Chic Shoulder Wrap from ACCRochet (free)

This one is just fabulous, don’t you think? I love that bow embellishment! This one uses worsted weight yarn. Just think of the color combinations!

Hey Joe Coffee Cozy Creations Misfit Straight Hooked

14. Hey Joe Coffee Cozy from Creations Misfit ($)

There is nothing more annoying than cold coffee, especially when you spent $5 on that cup on the go. Make a bunch of these- keep one in your purse, one in your glovebox, and a few in the kitchen and you’ll always have a sleeve handy to keep your coffee from prematurely chlling!

Practically Perfect Petite Pots Tales of Knots Straight Hooked

15. Practically Perfect Petite Pots from Tales of Knots (free)

These are so versatile! Made with Bernat Maker Home Decor, they will be sturdy and ready to hold whatever you need a little basket for! Think of the possibilities- crochet hooks, makeup brushes, junk mail, spatulas… really anything you want!

Sunday Market Bag Through The Loop Yarn Craft Straight Hooked

16. Sunday Market Bag from Through The Loop Yarn Craft (free)

This gorgeous bag is so versatile, you could use it to pick up groceries, take a wip with you, or even use it as a handbag if you’re so inclined. I may make a few in a bunch of different colors, because this bag is so cute!

Prism Shawlette Posh Pooch Straight Hooked
17. Prism Shawlette from Posh Pooch (free)

I absolutely love these bright colors, and it is the perfect length for keeping your neck a little warm and keeping you looking stylish! You can also modify this one to make it longer if you so desire. Grab your favorite ball of Lion Brand Mandala and your 5mm hook and get started on this one!

Spring Sun Mandala Vest YARNutopia Straight Hooked
18. Spring Sun Mandala Vest from YARNutopia (free)
If you knew my mother, you would immediately think of her when you saw this picture. I can totally see her wearing this as often as she possibly could. I personally look ridiculous in a vest, probably because I have no torso, but I might be able to pull this one off, as it is so long and gorgeous!

Felici On The Double Hat Rows and Roses Straight Hooked
19. Felici On The Double hat from Rows and Roses ($)

This hat reminds me of and upside down tulip, and what flower is more quintessential spring than the tulip? This pattern uses fingering and worsted held together as you work it up, giving both a great texture and a great blend of colors!

Daisy Headband Bear Rye Straight Hooked

20. Daisy Headband from Bear Rye (free)

I love the look of crocheted headbands, but a lot of them are just too warm and bulky for spring and summer. Not this one! I love the filet crochet flower design, which is not only stylish but will keep you from getting overheated while also keep your hair out of your face. It’s a win-win-win!

Pickens Summer Scarf Rebekah Haas Crochet Straight Hooked

21. Pickens Summer Scarf by Rebekah Haas Crochet (free)

Ooh, look how lacy and light this one is! The pattern uses Shawl in a Ball, which makes it just perfect for this gorgeous scarf!

Theresa's Springtime Cowl Wish Upon a Hook Straight Hooked

22. Theresa’s Springtime Cowl from Wish Upon A Hook ($)

This gorgeous cowl uses fingering yarn, and is just so delicate and lightweight. I love the gradient blue used in this photo!

Isabella Skirt Fosbas Designs Straight Hooked

23. Isabella Skirt from Fosbas Designs (free)

Susanna has included sizing from infant all the way to adult 3x, so this is truly a skirt for all! How cute would you and your daughters be in your backyard Easter photos, all wearing matching skirts that YOU made?

Harvested Tee Rebecca Velasquez Straight Hooked
24. Harvested Tee from Rebecca Velasquez (free)

I love this gorgeous lacy top. Perfect for throwing over a plain boring tank top and getting mad compliments every time you wear it!

 Pretty Spring Dress Knitting With Chopsticks Straight Hooked
25. Pretty Spring Dress from Knitting With Chopsticks (free)

Oh, wow. This one is quite stunning, isn’t it? Believe it or not, this is a beginner pattern, and quite simple. It is available in sizes s-5xl!

Feeling inspired yet? I personally am a little overwhelmed with all of the things I want to make. Sure, we all have some extra free time right now, but is there enough of that to make all the things? With enough coffee, ANYTHING is possible!

Don’t forget, this was only Part 2. Come back next week for even MORE awesome Springtime Crochet Patterns (and maybe even a surprise from me!)

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!

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