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Romantic Ripples Shawl- Free Crochet Pattern

Hello friends!

I started designing this pattern in the fall of 2022, and it is finally ready for its debut! I had so much fun working up this design and I know you will have just as much fun (maybe more, since you won’t have to pause to frog and/or write down what you are doing) making your Romantic Ripples Shawl!

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The folks at KnitPal reached out to me last fall and asked if I would be interested in testing out their new yarn. You know I can’t turn down an offer for yarn, so of course I was delighted to accept! I chose 2 colors of their Retro-Glam yarn. This yarn is incredibly soft and shiny. I immediately fell in love with it… until I began my designing process.

When I design a new pattern, it takes me a little bit to try out different stitch combinations and stitch counts before I settle in and my project begins to grow. This equates to me frogging multiple times, and the KnitPal Retro-Glam is not very frog-friendly! The soft fibers of this yarn bind to one another and make pulling out stitches a very tedious task. So while I would not recommend using this yarn to design a pattern, I would highly recommend using it to make a project, such as the Romantic Ripples Shawl! My completed shawl is so soft and snuggly and one of my favorite accessories for those days when it is too warm for a jacket but too cold for naked arms!

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5mm crochet hook

1000 yards sport weight yarn Color A (I used KnitPal Retro-Glam in Electric Blue for my design sample.)

250 yards sport weight yarn Color B (I used KnitPal Retro-Glam in Metallic Pink for my design sample.)

Stitch Markers


Finishing Needle


ch- chain

dc- double crochet

hdc- half double crochet

htc- half treble crochet

sc- single crochet

slst- slip stitch

tc- treble crochet

tstsc- triple stacked single crochet


9 tc x 4 rows = 2” square

Finished Size:

20” wide x 76” long


This pattern is written in US terminology.

Visit my Rumble channel for a video tutorial of the stacked single crochet. (For the triple stacked single crochet, you will stack a 3rd sc over what the tutorial video shows.)

Special Stitches:

Triple Stacked Single Crochet (tstsc):

Step 1. Insert hook in top of last st from previous row, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through (single crochet made)

Step 2. Insert hook through center of sc, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through (stacked single crochet completed)

Step 3. Insert hook through center of stacked sc, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through (triple stacked single crochet completed)

Pattern Instructions:

Color A R1. ch 92, sc 91 across ch, turn. (91)

R2. ch1, *sc, hdc 2, dc 2, htc 2, tc 2, hdc 2, dc 2, hdc 2,*, repeat from *to* 5 more times, sc, turn. (91)

R3. ch1, sc 91, turn. (91)

R4. tstsc, *htc 2, dc 2, hdc 2, sc 2, hdc 2, dc 2, htc 2, tc*, repeat from *to* 5 more times, turn. (91)

R5. repeat row 3

R6-R21. repeat rows 2-5, change to Color B

Color B. R22. repeat row 2

R23. repeat row 3, change to Color A

Color A R24. repeat row 4

R25. repeat row 3

R26-43. Repeat rows 2-5, change to Color B

Color B R44. repeat row 2

R45. repeat row 3, change to Color A

R46- R265. repeat rows 2-45

Color A R266-285 repeat rows 2-5, change to Color B


Color B Rnd1. ch1, sc around, placing 1 sc in each st, 3sc in each corner, 3sc in each tc row and 1 sc in each sc row. slst to first sc.

Rnd2. ch1, hdc around, placing 1 hdc in each sc and 3hdc in the center sc of each corner. Join to first hdc, finish off and weave in all ends. 

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Happy Hooking!


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