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Peppermint Stripe Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

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Have you heard of the phrase, “Christmas in July”? Normally it refers to stores attempting to drum up business in the slower months, offering big sales under the guise of preparing your Christmas gifts early. Here at Straight Hooked, it apparently means a whole lot of crochet fun, because today I am delighted to bring you yet another Forever Free crochet pattern- the second so far this month, with another one yet to come!

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I designed the Peppermint Stripe Scarf last fall but just discovered that I somehow forgot to ever share the pattern (probably because I was in the middle of migrating my site to my new platform.) To make up for my oversight, I decided that today would be the perfect time to share it with you AND make it forever free- because today is my featured day in the Christmas in July Make Along with Underground Crafter!

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I designed the Peppermint Stripe Scarf using Brava Worsted from WeCrochet/KnitPicks. I absolutely love the Brava Worsted line and have used it in many of my designs. You can snag some for your next project by using my affiliate link. It won’t cost you any extra, but I might make a small commission 🙂

I used my Furls Streamline crochet hook for the first time and loved the way it felt in my hand and glided through the yarn. If you’ve been eyeballing those gorgeous Furls hooks and want to snag one, you can use my affiliate link and perhaps I will receive a small commission!

This scarf was a lot of fun to design, and it can be made in any color combination!

If you prefer an ad-free experience, you can purchase the PDF exclusively here at Straight Hooked:


5.5mm crochet hook

200 yards Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors (100 yards of each) I used KnitPicks Brava Worsted in Red and White for my design sample

Stitch Markers

Finishing Needle


ch- chain

sc-single crochet

dc- double crochet

hdc- half double crochet

stsc- stacked single crochet



This pattern is written in US terminology.

Visit my Rumble channel for stitch tutorial videos.

Pattern Instructions:

R1. Color A ch 221, sc in first ch from hook, sc 3, *dc 4, sc 4*, repeat from *to* 26 more times across ch, turn. (220)

R2. ch1, *sc 4, dc 4*, repeat from *to* 26 more times, sc 4, change to color B, turn. (220)

R3. Color B stsc, dc 3, *sc 4, dc 4*, repeat from *to* 26 more times, turn. (220)

R4. repeat R3, change to color A at last st, turn.

R5. Color A ch1, *sc 4, dc 4*, repeat from *to* 26 more times, sc 4, turn. (220)

R6. repeat R2

R7-R8. Color B  Repeat R3, change to Color A at last st of R8

R9. Color A Repeat R5

R10. Repeat R2


Color B ch1, *hdc 4, sc 4*, repeat from *to* 26 more times, hdc 3, 3hdc, hdc 12, 3hdc, **sc 4, hdc 4** repeat from **to** 25 more times, sc 4, hdc 3, 3hdc, hdc 12, 2hdc in same st as first hdc, finish off and weave in all ends. (476)

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