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Pattern Release: the Woven Winter Blanket

Hello my friend, and a belated Happy New Year!

I’ll be honest, 2022 is not off to a great start here at Straight Hooked Headquarters. Earlier this month we had to say goodbye to our oldest furbaby. Biscuit was 15 years old and the best little dog ever. My mom got him for me after my dad passed away, and he helped me grieve the loss of my dad, and a few years later, my mother as well. To say it has been hard trying to grieve his loss without him here to comfort me is a massive understatement. If you are a pet parent, go hug your furbaby tightly and remind them how much they are loved.

Straight Hooked Biscuit

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But enough about my gloom. I have the first pattern release of 2022 ready to share with you!

Straight Hooked Woven Winter Blanket Pattern Release

The Woven Winter Blanket is the sister pattern to the Woven Winter Pillow which I released late last year, and I know you are going to love both of these patterns!

Straight Hooked Woven Winter Pillow

I used Brava 500, courtesy of WeCrochet to make my design samples, and I absolutely LOVED working with this yarn. If you’d like to get some for yourself, you can use my affiliate link HERE to order.

The Woven Winter Blanket is the perfect pattern to make yourself something cozy this winter. I don’t know about you, but my husband loves to strike up a conversation while I am crocheting. I try to design patterns that will be easy to repeat once you get through the first few rows, mainly because it is really hard to write complex patterns in the middle of a convo with my spouse!

Straight Hooked Woven Winter Pillow and Blanket

This project is no different; once you get the hang of it and the repeats you will be able to work on your blanket through any distraction!

The Woven Winter Blanket is the first of 2 Straight Hooked patterns featured in the Holiday Decor Blog Hop. You can use the discount code to take $3.99 off the price of either the Woven Winter Blanket ($3.99) or the Woven Winter Pillow and Blanket mini bundle ($5.99)

The Woven Winter Blanket pattern is available by itself, or you can choose to purchase the Woven Winter Bundle which includes both the Woven Winter Blanket and the Woven Winter Pillow patterns at a discounted price vs. buying individually.

Use this button to get the Woven Winter Blanket pattern for free with the discount code:

Use this button to grab both the Woven Winter Blanket and Woven Winter Pillow for just $2 with the discount code:

Straight Hooked Woven Winter Pattern Bundle

Visit the Holiday Decor Blog hop for more great home decor patterns:

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Be sure to come back to Straight Hooked often, as there are more pattern releases coming soon!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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