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Pattern Release: the Secret Santa Hat

Hello my friends!

Can you believe it is almost Halloween already? I went to the store the other day and saw that the Christmas decorations are already on display. I felt a little bit judgy because c’mon dude, it isn’t even Halloween yet, but now here I am sharing a Christmas pattern with you already!

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Straight Hooked Secret Santa Hat Pattern Release

I’m going to give myself the excuse of “yeah, this pattern is a little early, but my friends need time to make their cute hats before December!”

Sounds pretty reasonable to me, anyway, haha!

You may recall that historically I look really stupid in hats. Baseball caps, sunhats, beanies, berets, you name it, I look stupid.

I also historically look really bad in selfies. My daughter says it is because I don’t know the correct angle to hold my phone, but I think its just because I’m middle aged.

For some reason, when I popped the Secret Santa Hat on to take a selfie so I could see how it looked without getting off the couch to go look in a mirror (yep, I’m that lazy), to my amazement I took a cute selfie! I attribute it all to the hat. I was sitting in a bathrobe with unwashed hair and looked so adorable in my hat that I even shared it on my facebook. Normally, my crochet design selfies get immediately deleted once I see what my project is looking like, so this was pretty huge!

Straight Hooked Malena Secret Santa Selfie

Point being, if I look cute in the Secret Santa Hat, imagine how cute you are gonna be!

You will need DK (3) weight yarn and a 5.5mm crochet hook. I always recommend a good supply of stitch markers as well.

Straight Hooked Secret Santa Hat Pattern Release

I just know you are going to be the hit of every Christmas party, plus grab compliments while you are just out running errands. (Yeah, I will be wearing my Secret Santa Hat every day in December- not just for special occasions. Christmas only comes once a year, you know!)

I designed this hat to have an extra long tail just to give it that extra bit of FUN! If you’ve done much working in the round, you know that the seam likes to spiral. Don’t worry, I’ve accounted for this and your seam will stay perfectly in the back for the whole hat!

Straight Hooked Secret Santa Hat Collage

Get your copy of the Secret Santa Hat pattern by clicking the Add to Cart button below:

Update: I designed the Candy Cane Cowl in 2021 and it looks adorable with the Secret Santa Hat! You can snag both patterns together if you so desire:

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Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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