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Pattern Release: the Radiant Ridges Shawl

Straight Hooked Radiant Ridges Shawl pattern release

Hello, my friend! Can you believe it is already March? Yeah, neither can I. Time really flies when you’re playing with yarn! I have been working on several new designs recently, and am very excited to be sharing my first big release of 2021 today.

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Straight Hooked Radiant Ridges Shawl

I designed the Radiant Ridges Shawl using just under 2 skeins of Red Heart Ombre in the Jazzy Colorway, but you can use any worsted weight yarn you would like. However, I LOVE that a couple of my testers also chose to use Red Heart Ombre in different colorways. They all worked really hard to make sure my pattern is perfect, and all of their Radiant Ridges Shawls came out so fabulously!

Straight Hooked Radiant Ridges Shawl tester photos

This pattern is perfect for an intermediate crocheter, but with a little patience, an advanced beginner could tackle this project as well! You just need knowledge of front and back post stitches to create this stunning texture. The PDF includes step by step photos of the more complex stitches used.

Straight Hooked Radiant Ridges Shawl pattern release

Grab your copy of the Radiant Ridges Shawl pattern below:

I know you are going to have so much fun making your Radiant Ridges Shawl, and I hope you will join the Straight Hookin’ Crochet Community on facebook and share your photos!

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