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Pattern Release: the Happenin’ Headbandana

Hello Friends!

I am delighted to share the Happenin’ Headbandana crochet pattern with you today. Technically this pattern was released a while back, but I may have been really excited to get the pattern published and forgotten the part about writing the blog post. Oopsie!

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Straight Hooked Happenin' Headbandana

As you may already know, I really love to fondle and purchase yarn. Almost as much as I love designing crochet patterns. A few years back, I purchased 3 balls of size 10 crochet thread because… I liked the colors? I thought my non-nimble fingers would like some sort of unrealistic challenge? Honestly I have NO clue why I bought them. They sat on my shelf taunting me, challenging me to just try to work with them. My friends Amber and Sarah design the most gorgeous crochet earrings, and of course my tiny thread would be absolutely perfect for them, and yes, I do own hooks that are small enough, but I am not kidding you- my fingers seriously lack the dexterity necessary for this thread.

Happenin' Headbandana Straight Hooked

But I finally came up with a use for it- if I held all 3 colors of thread together, I could use the smallest hook my fingers will play ball with and come up with something FUN! My hair is freakishly long. Like way down past my sagging boobs. I absolutely hate having my hair in my face, so it is almost always either wadded up on the top of my head or if I have to hop on a Zoom call and look somewhat less like I just crawled out from under a bridge, I braid it like Willie Nelson. 

Straight Hooked Happenin' Headbandana

I needed to change up my hairstyle while still keeping the hair outta my face, and when I started playing with my triple stranded #10 crochet thread, inspiration struck!

Happenin' Headbandana Straight Hooked

One thing I have come to hate about crocheted headbands is that they stretch out during the day and fail to keep your hair secure. To combat this, I use a hairtie at the base of the headband and make my project a bit too small for my head. That way the hairtie can provide the necessary stretch to keep it tight all day long. (And as an added bonus, you can pull your ponytail through it if you prefer to wear it that way!)

Happenin' Headbandana Straight Hooked

I love how easy it is to have cute hair by just whipping this headbandana on, and I know you are going to love it too!

Straight Hooked Happenin' Headbandana

You can grab your copy of the Happenin’ Headbandana pattern below:

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I can’t wait to see what colors you choose to make your Happenin’ Headbandana with. I hope you will share photos in the Straight Hookin’ Crochet Community on facebook!

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I have another pattern in testing right now, and a big project on my hook that I can’t wait to share with you next month, so stay tuned!

Until next time,  

Happy Hooking!


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