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Pattern Release: the Circles and Squares Handbag

Hi friends!

I have been on a handbag designing kick recently, which started a couple of months ago when someone spotted my Floral Flair Handbag in the wild and asked me for a custom handbag. I of course was glad to accept the commission, and while designing this pattern I received another order for a custom handbag design (pattern coming soon!)

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I designed my Floral Flair Handbag back in 2021 and have been carrying it daily ever since. I need to update my personal bag, because even though my Floral Flair Handbag has not ripped or stretched, I have spilled a few cups of coffee in the car and some of those spills involved by bag getting wet. Not to mention that I normally only clean out my purse when I am moving to a different one, and while I do still receive compliments on my handbag, most of the people I interact with on a regular basis have seen it.

So I started designing a new handbag for myself last October, but I was delayed in finishing it due to my lack of owning a sewing machine. Having a sewing machine is very important for my handbags because I tend to stuff them until they weigh 10 lbs and without taking the time to sew in a lining, they would get stretched out and unusable!

So I finally bought a sewing machine when I got the custom order for the Circles and Squares Handbag because I could justify putting out the money when someone was actually paying me to create a design.

If you do not own a sewing machine and are cheap like me, check out Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. I think a lot of people purchased sewing machines during the pandemic and are now realizing they don’t enjoy sewing as much as they thought they would, so are selling them for a great price!

I was able to finally finish the Patchwork Crossbody Handbag I had begun to design for myself, but I finished it in May and showed it to my spouse who immediately claimed it to give to his mom for Mother’s Day. Then his sister discovered that I design handbags and asked for a custom ordered design as well, which was really fun to design because she wanted a special shape and I had to get super creative to achieve it. (That pattern will be coming soon.)

I was able to finish the Circles and Squares Handbag much faster than I had estimated, and my customer was thrilled to not only have a custom made handbag, but to have it sooner than expected. I even surprised her by adding a hidden cell phone pocket and matching coin purse!

I even took the time to shoot a video tutorial in order to show you how to make the squares used in this design!

The PDF includes instructions for the crochet squares, detailed assembly photos and directions for sewing your lining for the sturdiest handbag possible.

You can grab your copy of the Circles and Squares Handbag pattern below:

If you have been keeping track, so far in 2024 I have completed 3 handbags and still have not managed to make myself a new bag. I am currently working on my new design for my personal handbag, so be sure to stay tuned for updates!

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