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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 2

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I have finished my squares for Week 2 of the Patchwork Mystery CAL, and I have to admit I’m not really a fan of them. The pattern itself was quite fun and quick to get through, but after seeing what other people did with theirs, I wish I had used more colors on these squares. Or maybe I dont. Maybe some future squares will be so colorful that I will appreciate a few solid squares. The suspense is killing me, and I’m guessing because I know me that when all 12 patterns have been released, I will be going back and redoing several squares to make the color scheme just what I want it to be. I keep looking at others’ work and second guessing my color choices. I’m really starting to question the use of black. Not only is it less than fun to work with black in the light of the TV in the evenings, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s also a bit harsh?

Patchwork Mystery CAL week two crocheted square

So if you’ve ever wondered how my stream of consciousness goes, see above. As far as the pattern itself goes, I really had fun with it. This week’s square was designed by Jessica Beres of Crochet Anything. Find her pattern HERE. have never made a square from the corner up in that manner, so it was great to learn a new technique. I love the look of cable stitches, and was delighted to see them on the square!
Patchwork Mystery CAL week two crocheted square
I swore off granny squares (or any project that requires a large amount of sewing together) several times over the years, but I really like the look of joined squares when it’s all said and done, so here I am doing another project that is going to culminate in the joining of a bunch of squares. I would join as I go along, but since every square is a mystery until the Monday it is released, I won’t know which layout is best until Week 12. So I’ll just be piling up squares for now. I sincerely hope I don’t lose any!

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