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Free Baby Gift Crochet Patterns

Y’all, I don’t know about you, but babies are pretty much my favorite humans ever. I only gave birth to one baby, and that was many many moons ago. So every time one of my friends tells me she’s pregnant, I get the itch to make that baby something yarny!

I was recently invited to a baby shower, and I may or may not have gone crazy making things. It got me to thinking, “someone should make a list of great patterns for baby gifts”, and I realized that “someone” could be me! So I asked my designer friends to spam me with their most popular patterns, and they delivered BIG TIME!

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Scroll down to see 21 fabulous free patterns!

1. Timeless Teal Chevron Blanket from The Loopy Lamb

Timeless Teal Chevron Blanket The Loopy Lamb StraightHooked
Ashley says this one is her go-to design every time she needs a baby gift. Isn’t it gorgeous? 

2. Baby Beanie in Blue from Lakeview Cottage Kids 

Lakeview Cottage Kids beanie in blue StraightHooked
I just love this hat, and the sweet little face modeling it. (I told you babies are my favorite humans, and I meant it!) Christine is such a talented designer of baby items!

3. Little Textures Baby Pants from Two Brothers Blankets 

Little Textures baby pants Two Brothers Blankets StraightHooked
When Michelle shared this link with me, I immediately got excited and whipped up a pair over the weekend. Spolier alert- these pants are even cuter in person!

4. Spring Meadow Baby Blanket from Sigoni Macaroni 

Spring Meadow baby blanket Sigoni macaroni StraightHooked
Sigoni’s pattern is great for beginners and should work up fairly quickly! You can use any color combo you want to complement any nursery.

5. Quick and Chunky Baby Blanket from Crafting Each Day

Quick and Chunky baby blanket Crafting Each Day StraightHooked
This squishy blanket is made with chunky yarn, which means it will work up quickly while you watch your favorite show. Before you know it, you’ve got a gorgeous baby blanket!

6. The Perfect Newborn Baby Hat from Northeast Mama

Perfect Newborn baby hat Northeast mama StraightHooked
Need to make a baby gift super quick? Cindy’s Perfect Newborn Baby Hat works up lighting fast, making it great for a last-minute gift or to donate to a hospital

7. North Star Baby Lovey from Stitch in Progress 

North Star Baby Lovey stitch in progress StraightHooked
This pattern makes a great baby gift! Super squishy and great for chewing, Lisa recommends that you make a couple so parents always have a clean one on hand.

 8. Daisy Lovey from Auburn Elephant 

Auburn Elephant Daisy Lovey StraightHooked
Erin’s new pattern is just adorable, and would brighten up any nursery with this cute flower design!

9. Preppy Crochet Beanie from Lakeview Cottage Kids 

Preppy Crochet Beanie Lakeview Cottage Kids StraightHooked
This is a quick and easy pattern, great for last-minute gifting, realizing that its gonna be cold tomorrow and that baby’s head is going to freeze, or making a bunch to donate to a hospital!

10. Lucille Baby Cardigan from The Yarn That Binds Us

Lucille cardigan The Yarn That Binds Us StraightHooked
I had the pleasure of testing this pattern for Jenna last year, and lemme just tell you- this lady can write a pattern! Not only is this sweater just darling, but the pattern is so easy to follow and understand! AND- there’s a matching headband pattern too:

11. Lucille Bow Headband from The Yarn That Binds Us

Lucille Bow Headband The Yarn That Binds Us StraightHooked
Give me a break! It is too cute!

12. Lacey Hat from Crafting Each Day

Lacey hat
This pattern from Suzanne is so cute, and works up quickly. Perfect for those spring or fall days!

13. All My Love Baby Afghan from Northeast Mama

All My Love baby Afghan Northeast mama StraightHooked
Cindy’s chevron blanket is so pretty, and a classic, timeless design!

14. Soft and Cuddly Afghan from Lakeview Cottage Kids 

Soft and cuddly Afghan Lakeview Cottage kids StraightHooked
Christine’s gorgeous pattern has such great texture! I love the pink and white, but I think with a color change, this pattern would be suitable for a baby boy as well.

15. Moose Lovey from Hooked By Kati

Moose Lovey Hooked by Kati StraightHooked
Is someone having a baby with a woodland creature theme? Then this lovey pattern from my friend Kati will be absolutely PERFECT! I am loving those little antlers!

16. Merino Thick and Thin Newborn Hats from Sweet Potato 3

Merino Thick and Thin Hats Sweet Potato 3 StraightHooked
Christine came up with THREE adorable hat patterns using merino wool. My favorite is the elf style. So flipping cute!

17. Squishy Baby Hat from Crafting Each Day 

Squishy Baby Hat Crafting Each Day StraightHooked
I love the texture of this sweet little hat from Suzanne. Another great quickie project perfect for a boy or girl! She has a few examples of different ways you could do your color placement, and I honestly can’t pick a favorite!

18. American Belle from The Yarn That Binds Us 

American Belle The Yarn and Binds us StraightHooked
Oh, come on! Jenna’s design is just too cute for words. (And that little model? I seriously can’t get enough of her face!)

19. Pink Lady Hat from Lakeview Cottage Kids 

Pink Lady Hat  Lakeview Cottage Kids StraightHooked
Isn’t this one just darling? Kinda makes me want a granddaughter just so I can see this hat on a sweet little gal’s face. (Or maybe YOU could make one, pop it on your baby, snap a pic and share it with me!)

20. Easy Pacifier Clip from Hooked by Holley Shae 

Pacifier clip By Holley Shae StraightHooked
Pacifiers go missing. Like all the time. This pattern from Holley Shae is a quick project, and so useful! Just make sure you are using cotton yarn, and be sure to prewash to make sure the dyes don’t bleed. (I’m looking at YOU, Sugar and Cream. Why do my hands turn green every time I use that yarn?!)

21. Teal Appeal Ombre Security Blanket from Crafting Each Day 

Ombre security blanket Crafting Each Day StraightHooked
Okay, I have to be honest here: my little puppies just LOVE crocheted blankets. With over 30 of them around the house, they often try to claim the big ones 🙂 I have started making them little blankets, which they really think are special. While I may not be making human babies anymore, my pups are my babies, and I just may have to whip up a couple of these sweet security blankets soon!

StraightHooked model with crocheted doll
Feeling inspired? Maybe a little of the old Baby Fever? I know I sure am! If you make one of these fabulous items, share with me on social media please! I love seeing everyone’s makes!

Until next time,
Happy Hooking!

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