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Fabulous Fall Fashion Crochet Patterns Part One

You guys, this week has been CRAZY! Throughout Labor Day weekend, the temperature was in the 90s. Tuesday? It snowed. Yeah, SNOW. It is supposed to stay chilly and fall-like for the next few days, but honestly nothing would surprise me. The weather in Colorado has always been a bit nutty (snow in July is rare, but it happens and isn’t very shocking), but then add the year 2020, and literally NOTHING can shock me now. It did finally give me a reason to wear my Spiral Donut Cowl though!

Straight Hooked Malena in Spiral Donut Cowl

I hadn’t worn it yet because I designed it when the weather was warming up earlier this year, and I am so in love with it! It is the perfect fall cowl as it keeps that chilly wind off of your neck and looks so cute too! (Excuse the lack of makeup- I was just running my kid to work and remembered I should grab a selfie of my Spiral Donut Cowl’s maiden voyage)

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The great thing about this cold snap is that it is finally getting a fall-vibe around here. I lit my Pumpkin Woods scented candle this morning and am thinking of making a nice butternut squash later this evening. You know what else is great about fall? All of the cute fashions you can make using only yarn and hooks! I have gathered up a whole bunch of fabulous fall fashion crochet patterns to share with you this month. In fact, there are so many I want to share with you that this is going to be at least 2 parts long, so make sure you bookmark this site or subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss out! And if you’re reading this in September 2020, don’t forget about the Fall Fashion Blog Hop hosted by E’Claire Makery, where you can get a FREE pattern every day this month!

Pine Tree Crochet Autumn Crunch Cowl Straight Hooked

Autumn Crunch Cowl from Pine Tree Crochet (free)

Spiral Donut Cowl from Straight Hooked ($)

Sincerely Pam Lansdowne Cowl Straight Hooked

Lansdowne Cowl from Sincerely Pam (free)

Sunflower Cottage Crochet Mixed Toffee Cowl Straight Hooked

Mixed Toffee Cowl from Sunflower Cottage Crochet ($)

 Ferris Wheel Cowl from Straight Hooked (free)

Practi-Cowl Capelet Dora Does Straight Hooked

Practi-Cowl Capelet from Dora Does (free)

Vintage Grey Capelet HanJan Crochet Straight Hooked

Vintage Grey Capelet from HanJan Crochet (free)

Cozy Fireside Wrap Hooks Books and Wanderlust Straight Hooked

Cozy Fireside Wrap from Hooks Books and Wanderlust (free)

Straight Hooked Piper Hooded Shawl With Alex

Piper Hooded Shawl from With Alex (free)

Straight Hooked Haystacks Shawl Rebecca Velzsquez Designs

Haystacks Shawl from Rebecca Velasquez (free)

Spring Breeze (no-fall) Shawl from Straight Hooked ($)

Straight Hooked Milena Hooded Poncho Hooked on Patterns

Milena Hooded Poncho from Hooked on Patterns ($)

Straight Hooked Shawldigan Creations by Courtney

 Shawldigan from Creations By Courtney (free)

Straight Hooked Beatrix Triangle Shawl Blue Star Crochet

Beatrix Triangle Shawl from Blue Star Crochet (free)

Straight Hooked Misty Grey Tunisian Poncho Raffmusa Designs

Misty Grey Tunisian Poncho from Raffmusa Designs (free)

Lucky Penny Poncho Sincerely Pam Straight Hooked

Lucky Penny Poncho from Sincerely Pam (free)

Straight Hooked Wasilla Poncho A Crocheted Simplicity

Wasilla Poncho from A Crocheted Simplicity (free)

Friendship Prayer Shawl from Straight Hooked ($)

Straight Hooked Adalia Wrap A Knotty Habit

Adalia Wrap from A Knotty Habit ($)

Straight Hooked Pretty In Purple Shawl Fosbas Designs

Pretty In Purple Shawl from Fosbas Designs ($)

Straight Hooked Fireside Shawl Loveable Loops

Fireside Shawl from Loveable Loops (free)

Straight Hooked Robin's Poncho Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Robin’s Poncho from Sunflower Cottage Crochet ($)

Straight Hooked X-Capade Poncho Creations by Courtney

X-Capade Poncho from Creations by Courtney ($)

Straight Hooked Sunset Boulevard ACCROchet

Sunset Boulevard from ACCROchet ($)

Feeling inspired yet? I sure am! Didn’t see quite what you were looking for? No worries, I have 2 more Fabulous Fall Fashion roundups coming soon, and I just know you are going to find the perfect pattern! Next week, I have another edition of Hooked In coming, and I am so excited to introduce you to my friend Angie, so make sure you bookmark Straight Hooked and subscribe to my newsletter!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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