Pattern Release: the Happenin’ Headbandana

I am delighted to share the Happenin' Headbandana crochet pattern with you today. One thing I have come to hate about crocheted headbands is that they stretch out during the day and fail to keep your hair secure. To combat this, I use a hairtie at the base of the headband and make my project a bit too small for my head.

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Pattern Release: Harley’s Gambol Prayer Shawl

A few months back, I received an email from a new yarny friend who wanted to tell me that she loves my signature stitch, the Dolphin Stitch, and wanted to crochet a shawl for her best friend's mother but wasn't sure how to go about it. I asked my new friend if I could design a pattern in her friend's memory and if we could share her friend's story, and she agreed! The shape is a long trapezoid, which drapes beautifully off the shoulder. This is a quick project and will make the perfect wrap for summer activities and quick gifts.

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Pattern Release: the Snuggly Sprinkles Scarf

This pattern was fun and fast to work up, and my testers loved it almost as much as I did! I know not everyone is a tassel person (honestly, I never was much of a fan of tassels myself until recently), so they are optional of course, but I suggest you give it a try- you might change your mind about tassels like I did!You will need a 5.5mm crochet hook for this project. This is another pattern with simple enough repeats to crochet among distractions, yet just complex enough to keep you from getting bored.

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Sweet Treats Blanket C2C CAL – Ice Cream Sundae Square FREE pattern

I'm so excited to share my design contribution to the Sweet Treats Blanket with you today. I created the Ice Cream Sundae square as the 7th pattern in this super fun project! A small piece of advice from me to you, though- weave in your ends as you complete each square! You can grab all 12 square patterns in the Sweet Treats CAL e-Book

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Pattern Release: the Bubbly Bobble Blanket

My Bubbly Bobble Blanket resides on the back of my couch-which-doubles-as-my-office-chair and has made many an appearance in Zoom meetings. This blanket uses bulky (5) weight yarn and a 6mm hook. It has easy to follow repeats which are the perfect balance to give you easy mindless project that won't get boring. The pattern contains full color tutorial photos for the special stitches used as well!

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Pattern Release: the Windows and Walls Shawl

The Windows and Walls Shawl was super fun to design, and I know you will have lots of fun making yours. The repeats are easy to remember, making this a great project to work on as you are being mindful, praying, or just watching your favorite movie.You will need worsted weight yarn in your favorite colorway and a 5.5mm crochet hook.

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Pattern Release: the Woven Winter Blanket

The Woven Winter Blanket is the perfect pattern to make yourself something cozy this winter. It is available by itself, or you can choose to purchase the Woven Winter Bundle which includes both the Woven Winter Blanket and the Woven Winter Pillow patterns at a discounted price vs. buying individually.

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