Patchwork Mystery CAL Completed

My blanket is about 6.5 feet square, and I used a total of 18 skeins of yarn on this bad boy. I haven't yet weighed it, but I estimate that it weighs somewhere around 7 pounds. I originally joined them with a slip stitch in the back, but once I turned it over and spread it out, my blanket looked way too busy with all of the different squares. Luckily, I hadn't yet woven in all of the ends, so frogging was not the worst experience ever.

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Stars and Stripes Head Wrap- FREE Crochet Pattern

The Stars and Stripes Headband is my first pattern using my signature Dolphin Stitch. I love this stitch because of its texture and versatility. This stitch is easy to master, works up quickly, and is already loved by hundreds of crocheters. If you are a visual person when it comes to learning a new stitch, please bookmark this site and check back regularly for a video tutorial!

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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 9

Week 9 is over already! This week's square was so much fun, and not just the making of it. This square was a collaboration effort from 2 different designers! Isn't it gorgeous? This square is called Belle's Enchanted Garden, and the name could not be more fitting. The center was designed by Marianne Hamill from Sunset Knots. You can find her HERE. The outside of the square was designed by Desiree Krahn from Tangerine Door Creations, and you can find her HERE.

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