You are currently viewing 14 Fabulous Crochet Patterns to start 2024

14 Fabulous Crochet Patterns to start 2024

Hello friends! I am really excited for everything to come this year. I have big plans and bigger ideas and I am optimistic that most of them will actually happen! If you have subscribed to the Straight Awesome Newsletter, be on the lookout this month for a brief survey. As much as I have ideas and plans of things I want to do, I also want to be sure that I am bringing you content you are actually interested in- so please take a few minutes to answer the survey questions that will be in the newsletter this month.

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To start off 2024, my friends and I are hosting a $2.00 pattern sale from now through January 21. Each pattern below is available from the listed designer for just $2.00 with the discount code NEWYEAR24

Get the Henry the Hippo pattern from JNW Crochet HERE

Get the Brisdale Beanie pattern from Pine Tree Crochet HERE

Get the Granny Triangle Slippers pattern from Start Crochet HERE

Get the Boxed Beads Beanie pattern from Canoe Mtn Designs HERE

Get the Dino Plant Holder pattern from My Crafty Pursuits HERE

Get the Vicki Bag pattern from The Crochet Village HERE

Get the Cable Sleeve Jumper pattern from Cesca & Woodrow HERE

Get the Throwback Throw Blanket pattern from Straight Hooked HERE

Get the Abigail Baby Blanket pattern from Regina P Designs HERE

Get the Skull Poncho pattern from My Fingers Fly HERE

Get the Long December Scarf pattern from Craftopia Collective HERE

Get the Imagination Market Bag pattern from Marsha Yarn Doodles HERE

Get the Awakening Shawl pattern from The Crochet Fix HERE

Get the New Directions Scarf pattern from Bear Rye Crochet HERE

All of these patterns are available for purchase for just $2.00 with the discount code NEWYEAR24. The discount code is valid for all patterns from January 8-21, which means you do not have to follow a traditional blog hop this month or wait to get the patterns. Grab the ones you want, when you want!

Be sure you have subscribed to the Straight Awesome Newsletter for exclusive discounts, freebies and fun! I am so excited for what 2024 is going to bring us this year in crochet!

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