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The Ultimate List of Spring Crochet Patterns Part 4

Happy Friday! Like I keep saying, spring weather is just crazy where I live. Last week, we were considering cranking on the air conditioning. Over the weekend, it snowed, which was especially great, since I needed to bake our Easter Ham for hours on end. This week, it hasn’t gotten very warm, and it is snowing again! I don’t mind the snow, which makes me pretty unpopular among my friends and family who are always complaining on Facebook about the cold weather. I just love snuggling up in one of my many crocheted blankets with a cup of hot coffee while I watch the snow fall through my window. Do I also love sitting outside in the sun with a nice cup of coffee? Yeah, you bet, but I know there are oh so many hot summer days coming, and lately we have been having warm temps all the way into December, so I’ll relish this cold weather for a little bit longer!

That being said, I have even more awesome spring crochet patterns to share with you this week! We’re all mostly stuck at home still, and yarn is our best friend, right? So without further fluff, here is Part Four of the Ultimate List of Spring Crochet Patterns:

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Freesia Bag Emma Wilkinson Straight Hooked

 1. Freesia Bag Emma Wilkinson ($)

 I really love the stitch used in this bag, and those colors are so happy and springlike! This pattern uses worsted weight, and is so perfect for spring!

Everlasting Infinity Scarf Through The Loop Yarn Craft Straight Hooked

2. Everlasting Infinity Scarf from Through The Loop Yarn Craft (free)

 Ashley’s new pattern is so pretty, and she used one of my favorite yarns for her scarf in the photo- Lion Brand Ferris Wheel! You could use any worsted weight yarn you wish, but it sure is pretty with those gradients in the Ferris Wheel.

Zig Zag Shawl No Hooks Given Straight Hooked

3. Zigzag Shawl from No Hooks Given (free)

I love the design of this shawl. Absolutely perfect for jazzing up your spring wardrobe, and when you do get to venture out, people are sure to ask where you found such a unique item!

Spiral Cowl The Crafty Therapist Straight Hooked

4. Spiral Cowl from The Crafty Therapist ($)

 I had the pleasure of testing this pattern for Jan before it was published in Happily Hooked magazine last year. It was such a fun project, and I just love the texture and the way it lays. She even designed matching fingerless gloves, which were featured in Part 3 last week!

Susan Tote Bag Sunflower Cottage Crochet Straight Hooked

5. Susan Tote Bag from Sunflower Cottage Crochet ($)

 I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but that yellow just screams “sunflower” to me! I love the texture and the long strap on this bag. So perfect for carrying a few items as you go for a nice stroll in the park to see the new spring blooms!

Easy Drawstring Purse Jen Nipps Straight Hooked

6. Easy Drawstring Purse from Jen Nipps ($)

Can you even believe this is easy? It looks so complicated, and so cute when finished! (Sidenote, have you noticed how much yellow is in this week’s post? Such a happy spring color!)

Butterfly Breeze Poncho Sincerely Pam Straight Hooked

7. Butterfly Breeze Poncho from Sincerely Pam (free)

This gorgeous pattern is graded for sizes from child to adult, so this is one that everyone can wear! I really like the fringe on the bottom, and the open weave. So pretty!

Serenity Shawl Christine Botelho Straight Hooked

8. Serenity Shawl from Rows of Crochet($)

 This is an absolutely stunning piece! I love the colorwork and the cross detail, as well as the different textures. My mother grew up in a Catholic household, and this shawl makes me think of her family. Just beautiful! Plus, Christine is offering a 50% discount with the code ODAAT so grab your copy!

Wrapped In Diamonds Jo's Crafty Hook Straight Hooked

9. Wrapped in Diamonds from Jo’s Crafty Hook ($)

 I love the large size of this shawl. I am often cold, even if it is 90* outside, which makes this shawl so perfect for me. Not to mention that the texture of this design is oh so fabulous. Yep, the more I type this blog, the more I want to make this shawl. Haha!

Crossbody Phone Bag Crafting at the Poole Straight Hooked

10. Crossbody Phone Bag from Crafting At The Poole ($)

This pattern uses Bernat Blanket yarn, which is oh so soft and will provide a nice cushion for your phone. My friend Caleb is getting an early start on owning a crochet business. He is currently 17 years old, and already has published several original patterns! Go take a look; you will be impressed.

Rose Garden Pouch Timmel Crochet Straight Hooked

 11. Rose Garden Pouch from Timmel Crochet ($)

I love this pouch, and I love that the photos show exactly what I would use it for- holding crochet hooks! Also, I love that fringe. Its so funny, because back in the early 90’s, my crafty mother used to make me clothes that were full of fringe, and I absolutely hated it. Apparently fringe is an acquired taste or something, because now I just can’t get enough of it!

Two Tone Tunisian Sarah Korth Straight Hooked

12. Two Tone Tunisian Tote from Sarah Korth ($)

I love me a big bag, just ask my daughter who often has commentary about the weight of my handbag. But when you’re a momma, you end up carrying an awful lot of crap with you everywhere you go- apparently even once your kid is an adult. You just never know when you’re going to be out and about and someone is going to ask if you happen to have a duck call handy. (And yes, I do keep a duck call in my purse- I use it to summon my kid to dinner) But I digress… This tote bag is gorgeous, and I love the large size of it (obviously.) Just imagine how many skeins of yarn you could carry with you wherever you go!

Fern Gully Bag Emma Wilkinson Straight Hooked

13. Fern Gully Bag from Emma Wilkinson ($)

I really love the detail here, and the peekaboo of the pink liner. I also like the construction of the bag and its easy access. Perfect for carrying a crochet project, or maybe a book and a snack to the park for the day- you know, when we are allowed to go to parks again, lol!

Iris Irene Tee No Hooks Given Straight Hooked

14. Iris Irene Tee from No Hooks Given ($)

This cute pattern is graded for sizes s-4xl, which is so great because it truly will look great on any woman. I love the fact that it offers coverage for the twins and tummy, but also has an open weave on the shoulders and bottom. Also, I am in love with that color, even though it would NOT look good on me!

9 Minute Coasters Ned and Mimi Straight Hooked

15. 9 Minute Coasters from Ned and Mimi (free)

Sarah’s new pattern is so perfect for keeping you busy while binging Netflix while stuck at home, PLUS you can do something to prevent those 62 beverages stacked up on the coffee table from leaving rings!

Well, that wraps up the Ultimate List of Spring Crochet Patterns! If you have been keeping up on this whole series over the past 4 weeks, I hope you have found lots of new patterns that you love. I hope you will also share pictures of your springtime makes with me on Facebook and/or Instagram. I love seeing crochet in my feeds, as well as making new yarn-loving friends!

I have some exciting things coming soon, so be sure to bookmark Straight Hooked and come back often to see what is new here.

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!

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