Pattern Release: the Crinkle Crayon

I loved that this was another design that named itself. As I mentioned, I used 3 colors of scrap yarn, not intentionally but because I underestimated the amount of yarn I had balled up- twice- and had to change colors. Between the color changes and the shape of the water bottle sleeve, it looked like a crayon. And the empty water bottle inside makes a lot of crinkly sounds. "Crinkle Crayon" was a no-brainer!

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Pattern Release: Kitty Catiolis

Did you know that my daughter is also a crochet designer? She doesn't publish patterns often, but I am always thrilled when she does- and in case you hadn't guessed already, today's pattern was designed by my amazingly talented daughter! The Kitty Catiolis are a fun, quick way to use up scrap yarn. You only need a few yards to make one Catioli and can whip one up in just a few minutes! They look like toy raviolis when complete, hence the name "Kitty Catiolis".

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Sweet Little Granny Square Baby Blanket- FREE Crochet Pattern

My friend Helen from Sunflower Cottage Crochet invited me to participate in the Preemie Crochet Challenge again this year, and of course I agreed! My niece was a micro-preemie born at 24 weeks gestation, so this event has a special place in my heart. (Plus I love designing baby things even though it really isn't in my normal niche of pattern designs!)

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