Pattern Release: Pen and Gwen Baby Penguins

“I'm super excited for my first 2020 pattern release! I impromptu made this little guy about 2 weeks ago, after simply saying "I'm going to make a penguin" and running with it. I designed this ami with the sewing in mind. I know one of the struggles of ami can be getting the placement of all the different pieces just right, and even with detailed written instructions, it doesn't always come out right. From the exposed loops on the bottom of the body for the feet, that align perfectly with the little white belly, to the flippers matching up just at the edge of the belly, to the start of sewing the body right where the penguin's "mask" begins, visual guides for sewing on the ami itself, and not just the pattern, were a big part of the design. There are a lot of color changes, adding some complexity, but it gives such a clean look to the penguin that I'm super proud of! I hope you enjoy creating this ami as much as I did!”

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Corner to Corner (C2C) laptop sleeve- free crochet pattern

Corner to Corner (C2C) is created on the diagonal. You will begin with the bottom right corner of your project, and end at the top left corner. C2C is a very popular stitch to use for blankets, graphghans, scarves, handbags, etc and has a great texture when complete. Once you master the basics, the possibilities are endless! There are only 3 stitches used, and a few techniques for color changes can be used, which I will outline below:

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