Pattern Release: the Windows and Walls Shawl

The Windows and Walls Shawl was super fun to design, and I know you will have lots of fun making yours. The repeats are easy to remember, making this a great project to work on as you are being mindful, praying, or just watching your favorite movie.You will need worsted weight yarn in your favorite colorway and a 5.5mm crochet hook.

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Pattern Release: the Radiant Ridges Shawl

The Radiant Ridges Shawl pattern is perfect for an intermediate crocheter, but with a little patience, an advanced beginner could tackle this project as well! You just need knowledge of front and back post stitches to create this stunning texture. The PDF includes step by step photos of the more complex stitches used.

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Pattern Release: the Kenzie Blanket

When I finished designing the original Kenzie Blanket (the preemie size), I was astounded at how tiny it is. And this little blanket would have been more than large enough for her mom to swaddle her in. The blanket itself is 22"x24", which is just a little bit bigger than lovey-sized. Kenzie's story is nothing short of a miracle, and there are so many more wonderful stories of preemie babies. This one just happens to be the closest to my heart.

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