Double Pattern Release: the Simply Sparkles and Infinite Icing scarves

Today I am sharing a double pattern release, because I can't contain my excitement any more! The Infinite Icing Scarf and Simply Sparkles Scarf are now available here at Straight Hooked! Two fun infinity scarves that could not look more different from one another if they tried, yet both made using the same weight of yarn and hook size.

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Berry Fun Beret- FREE Crochet Pattern

Guess what- its another Free Pattern Friday! This month has flown by (which is crazy since July was 6 years long), and I've still managed to put out three patterns. How this happened I am not quite sure, but it did. Earlier in the month, the Friendship Prayer Shawl was published, and last week I released the Kenzie Blanket which has quickly become my most popular pattern to date! To finish off this awesome month, I have decided to treat you to a freebie- the Berry Fun Beret. I had so much fun designing this one, and I am sure you will have fun making it!

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Pattern Release: the Kenzie Blanket

When I finished designing the original Kenzie Blanket (the preemie size), I was astounded at how tiny it is. And this little blanket would have been more than large enough for her mom to swaddle her in. The blanket itself is 22"x24", which is just a little bit bigger than lovey-sized. Kenzie's story is nothing short of a miracle, and there are so many more wonderful stories of preemie babies. This one just happens to be the closest to my heart.

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Pattern Release: the Friendship Prayer Shawl

Check out last week’s post HERE for all the details on how you can save on every pattern exclusively at Straight Hooked! I have 2, possibly 3 new patterns coming out this month, and they too will be included in the sale! And now for the first great news of August: It’s PATTERN RELEASE DAY!

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Pattern Release: the Spring Breeze (no-fall) Shawl

I designed my new Spring Breeze (no-fall) Shawl to be exactly that: A sweater or something. You see, I have always loved shawls. They provide just the right amount of warming up your arms and letting your cute new shirt be visible. But my frustration with them has always been that they have a tendency to fall off and more than likely, land in the mud. Gross, and now I have to choose whether to have cold arms or wear a muddy item. Sometimes, this is not an obvious choice.

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