Hooked In: With ReVeDesignCo

I am excited for another installment of the Hooked In series and to introduce you to my friend Fiona from ReVeDesignCo. If you are unfamiliar with the Hooked In series, each month a fellow crochet designer sits down for an interview and shares more about themselves, their business and anything upcoming they want you to know about.

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Hooked In: With Bizzy Crochet and Design

I am so excited to share this month's edition of Hooked In because A) I made a new friend I want to introduce you to, and B) my new friend just interviewed me on her podcast! Every month, I post an interview with a crochet designer friend of mine. I want you to be able to meet some new crochet friends and not be only bombarded by my blog posts and design style, so this is a really fun way for me to promote my fellow designers and break up the monotony of you having to read only my posts!

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Hooked In: With Elimee Designs

If you are unfamiliar with the Hooked In series, I introduced it a million years ago back in 2020, and have decided to revive the series this year. Each month, I interview a fellow crochet designer so you can get to know more about them and maybe find a new designer you love! Today, I am sitting down with Nichola from Elimee Designs.

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Hooked In: With Straight Hooked

It also occurred to me that after 4 years of being in business, I never really properly introduced myself to you. So, as a preview of what's coming in 2023, I am going to sit down for an interview with myself so you can get to know me (and Straight Hooked) a little bit better. (Is this weird? Its kinda weird, but we're gonna roll with it!)

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