Sweet Treats Blanket C2C CAL – Ice Cream Sundae Square FREE pattern

I'm so excited to share my design contribution to the Sweet Treats Blanket with you today. I created the Ice Cream Sundae square as the 7th pattern in this super fun project! A small piece of advice from me to you, though- weave in your ends as you complete each square! You can grab all 12 square patterns in the Sweet Treats CAL e-Book

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Pattern Release: the Serenity Square

I am delighted to share my contribution to the Love and Joy Blanket CAL hosted by Bear Rye and Knottie Hooks. My square is called the Serenity Square, and is full of great texture and fun stitch combinations. I used several techniques that you may not already be familiar with, such as the reverse slip stitch, which is great for hiding your join before crocheting in the 3rd loop on the next round.

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Companion Square- FREE Crochet Pattern

Hello my friends! This is the last month of the Friendship Blanket CAL, hosted by my friends at Sunflower Cottage Crochet, and my second square design is here on the blog for FREE! This square is much less complex than the Dolphin Stitch Square, but it sure does look pretty when completed.

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Candy Cane Snowflake Square- FREE Crochet Pattern

I'm so overjoyed that I was asked to participate in the Hope in the Holidays CAL hosted and organized by my friend Claire at Bear Rye. I had so much fun designing my square and chatting with the other designers. I hope you have been able to make some new yarn friends during this Crochet-A-Long as well, because I have found that one of the greatest parts of staying home almost all year playing with yarn has been all of the new friendships I have made with people all over the world who speak the same language- crochet.

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Patchwork Mystery CAL Completed

My blanket is about 6.5 feet square, and I used a total of 18 skeins of yarn on this bad boy. I haven't yet weighed it, but I estimate that it weighs somewhere around 7 pounds. I originally joined them with a slip stitch in the back, but once I turned it over and spread it out, my blanket looked way too busy with all of the different squares. Luckily, I hadn't yet woven in all of the ends, so frogging was not the worst experience ever.

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