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Pattern Release: the Florentine Triangle Shawl

Hello friends!

I am so excited to share my latest pattern with you- the Florentine Triangle Shawl. I made my design sample with Lion Brand Mandala Ombre yarn, and I just love how it turned out!

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I really enjoyed creating this pattern. I’ve never done a triangle Shawl design that builds the way this one does, so all of the trial and error involved at the beginning was really educational. That’s one thing that I absolutely love about crocheting- no matter how much of an expert you become, there is always more to learn!

The stitch combinations used to achieve the flowers in this design might be a little bit tricky to figure out at first, so I created a tutorial video to show you the first few rows so you can get the hang of it. Once you do, the pattern works up pretty quickly and the end result is just so stunning!

I chose to use Lion Brand Mandala Ombre for this design because I wanted a thicker yarn to counterbalance the amount of ventilation from the stitches, plus I wanted to have multiple colors that transitioned nicely without me having to do any color changes. If you haven’t used it before, the Mandala Ombre line is listed as a worsted weight, but it is a bit thinner than normal worsted. So think of it as a “worsted minus” or a “DK plus” I guess!

Once I got my rhythm down and determined the best way to achieve the triangle construction and pattern repeats, it became easy to work up while I binge watched TV (except for the part where I had to keep pausing to write down what I was doing!)

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Grab your copy of the Florentine Triangle Shawl pattern below:

I want to make sure that the patterns I design are the kind of patterns you want to make. I know I’ve been on a bit of a shawl kick lately. Do you prefer triangle or rectangle construction? What other types of patterns do you want to see more of? Is there a particular stitch you want to use or learn? Please leave a comment below and tell me what you want to see in the future here at Straight Hooked!

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I have more patterns to release in 2023, and next month is both my birthday and Straight Hooked’s anniversary, which means something special will be coming your way to celebrate!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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