Dazzling Bows Shawl- FREE Crochet Pattern

I saw a brief video of a similar stitch one day, and it was unfortunately linked to a scam website with stolen patterns in a different language. There were many comments on the video from crocheters requesting the pattern in English, so after watching it a few times I came up with my own variation- AND I even made a tutorial video for you, as the pattern itself is quite easy, but explaining the technique in written form was a bit of a challenge and I wanted to give you a visual to go along with what I have written.

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Diamondback Scarf- FREE Crochet Pattern

I designed the Diamondback Scarf as part of the 2024 Gift to Myself CAL, hosted by Underground Crafter. We spend so much time crocheting items for loved ones and for donation, at times it seems we have hooked and hooked with nothing to show for it, so I just love the spirit of this event- it is okay to put our talents to use on a "selfish" project! You can proudly wear this scarf, knowing you will get lots of compliments and every time someone asks, "where did you get that?" You can say, "oh, I made it!"

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Pattern Release: the Garden of Blooms Shawl

I had a few balls of Lion Brand Mandala in the Spirit colorway, and I am SO thrilled to share my favorite design to date with you today. The Garden of Blooms Shawl pattern incorporates a few techniques that might be new to you, but they are fun and easy to master! I knew I wanted to make them into a cozy oversized shawl. I also knew that I wanted to do something completely different, stitch wise, than I had ever done before

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Pattern Release: the Florentine Triangle Shawl

I am so excited to share my latest pattern with you- the Florentine Triangle Shawl. I made my design sample with Lion Brand Mandala Ombre yarn, and I just love how it turned out! The stitch combinations used to achieve the flowers in this design might be a little bit tricky to figure out at first, so I created a tutorial video to show you the first few rows so you can get the hang of it. Once you do, the pattern works up pretty quickly and the end result is just so stunning!

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Pattern Release: the Snowflake Hat

Each October, my dear friend Christine from Sweet Potato 3 hosts the Crochet Cancer Challenge, and all of the participating designers are so gracious to allow me to claim the October 5th slot in honor of my father's birthday. I designed the Snowflake Hat for this year's Cancer Challenge using my favorite yarn to work with- Lion Brand Ferris Wheel. What I didn't know when I started this design was how much I was going to LOVE creating it- I loved it so much that for the first time ever, I designed 3 versions- Standard beanie, Messy Bun, and Slouchy!

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Romantic Ripples Shawl- Free Crochet Pattern

The folks at KnitPal reached out to me last fall and asked if I would be interested in testing out their new yarn. You know I can't turn down an offer for yarn, so of course I was delighted to accept! I chose 2 colors of their Retro-Glam yarn. This yarn is incredibly soft and shiny. I immediately fell in love with it...

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