Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 5

I really liked this pattern. Lots of great textures and different stitches. What I think is really cool is that I used the same colors, but arranged them differently and this week's squares look completely different! The drastic difference really inspired me to try some different combos on the previous weeks' squares that I haven't yet done 3 of.

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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 4

With all of my extra time this week, I decided to go ahead and block my first batch of completed squares. Honesty time: this is the first project I will have ever properly blocked. My former method involved my husband and I essentially playing tug-of-war with my freshly finished blankets to stretch them into shape. Technically "wrong", but it is an effective blocking method if you dont have a 6 foot wide blocking board!

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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 3

Another week down on the Patchwork Mystery CAL! This week's square is called Twisted Times and was designed by  Courtney Lang from Made With Love and Yarn. Find her pattern HERE. This one was really challenging at first, but thankfully each week includes a tutorial video for the pattern, because I needed it for a few rows!

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Patchwork Mystery CAL Week 2

So if you've ever wondered how my stream of consciousness goes, see above. As far as the pattern itself goes, I really had fun with it. This week's square was designed by Jessica Beres of Crochet Anything. Find her pattern HERE. have never made a square from the corner up in that manner, so it was great to learn a new technique. I love the look of cable stitches, and was delighted to see them on the square!

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