5th Anniversary crochet pattern bundle



November 2023 marked Straight Hooked’s 5th anniversary. Over the first 5 years in business, Straight Hooked published over 60 crochet patterns. You can own this collection of over 50 of the most popular patterns for less than $1.00 per pattern! Included in this exclusive bundle are:


Berry Fun Beret

Brain Freeze Beanie

Deep Breaths Beanie

Grand Gentleman Hat

Polar Rush Beanie

Snowflake Hat

Velvet Twirl Messy Bun Hat

Velvet Twist Messy Bun Hat


Delightful Velvet Headband

Happenin’ Headbandana

Ice Cap Headband

Stars and Stripes Head Wrap


Alpine Aspen Scarf

Deep Breaths Scarf

Fabulous Fall Scarf

Friendship Triangle Scarf

Infinite Icing Scarf

Moguls Scarf

Peppermint Stripe Scarf

Shell Shocked Scarf

Simply Sparkles Scarf

Siren Soul Scarf

Snuggly Sprinkles Scarf

Speedy Scarf

Spiral Donut Cowl

Storybook Scarf

Wild Violets Scarf


Classic Coffee Cardigan

Hillside Hooded Capelet

Playful Poncho

Polar Rush Capelet


Spring Breeze (no-fall) Shawl

Diamond Drape Shawl

Harley’s Gambol Prayer Shawl

Dolphins and Diamonds Shawl

Florentine Triangle Shawl

Garden of Blooms Shawl

Mermaid Waves Shawl

Practical Pashmina

Radiant Ridges Shawl

Romantic Ripples Shawl

Tic Tac Toasty Shawl

Windows and Walls Shawl


Bubbly Bobble Blanket

Throwback Throw Blanket

Woven Winter Pillow

Woven Winter Blanket


Floral Flair Handbag

Helena Handbasket

Ice Cap Fingerless Gloves

Scrunchie Carnival


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